DaBaby charging the felony battery while filming the music video 2022-04-30 03:10:57


DaBaby continues to appear in the news for all reasons not related to his music.

The rapper is now facing criminal charges over an incident in which a man who was trying to stop him and his entourage from filming a music video on his property sustained injuries after being beaten. The incident occurred in early December last year and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office charged DaBaby with a felony.

The accident reportedly left young Gary Bajar seriously injured and he decided to file a lawsuit in February, it was reported. TMZ. The music video for the DaBaby Stunna 4 Vegas artist’s song where Jake Paul makes a cameo was filmed.

TMZ reports that DaBaby and his team have rented a huge pillow in the area managed by Pagar and a week-long rental agreement was signed where it was stated that no more than 12 people could stay on the property. When Bagar learned there were more than 12 people there, he complained to the DaBaby team and they assured him that they wouldn’t stay for long.

But then Bagar decided to make a visit in person on the 2nd of December and found that there was a whole crew, close to 40 in number, filming a video. When he tried to talk to DaBaby about it, someone allegedly attacked the Pagar who was recorded on the video. The suit alleged that Dababi asked the person to step back, but then his person beat Bagar, dislocating his tooth. Then Bagar went to the authorities with his complaint.

earlier this week, video appeared where DaBaby allegedly shot and killed a man inside Walmart, an incident in which he previously claimed self-defense and no charges were eventually filed.