Crime Stoppers: A pregnant woman loses her unborn child in a shooting on Milwaukee’s northwest side 2022-04-28 20:59:43


Milwaukee (CBS 58) – A pregnant woman was shot in the stomach and her baby was killed. Now, you are looking for someone to provide the information.

The shooting took place on March 31, when 26-year-old Mia Clay was walking near 66, West Marion.

She was on her way to her car when she said a man had chased her. She stumbled and while on the ground she was shot in the back and stomach several times. Her unborn child did not survive.

Police have no evidence in the case, only a video of what they believe is a car driving away from the scene of the accident.

The Clay family and the detectives hope someone will come forward with information to solve the case.

“The unborn child did not deserve this to happen and the victim does not deserve this to happen, especially when you are about to give birth in a month or two and are about to take a shower,” Dett said. Jake Bushning, of the Milwaukee Police Department.

“He’s not born yet, but we’ll definitely miss him. We planned a lot of things,” said Michael Clay, the victim’s brother.