Covid weekly report: 71 new cases in Tuolumne, 1 death in Calaveras 2022-04-29 14:44:42


Tulum County Public Health It reported 71 new community cases and one hospitalization from Saturday, April 23 to Friday, April 29. There are 64 active community cases. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation reported no active inmate cases at the Sierra Conservation Center. Last week, including Saturday and Sunday, there were 27 new cases.

Public health officials stated that “as we see an increase in cases during the reporting period, we encourage those who are eligible to get the booster.” Appointments can be made at participating local pharmacies or at one of the public health clinics in Tulum. There is an upcoming Clinic (Pfizer and Moderna) at Black Oak Casino Resort on Tuesday 3 May 2022 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM that is open to anyone 18 years of age or older Access is welcomed. To schedule an appointment for this clinic or any of our upcoming clinics, visit:

Newly reported community cases this week include nine cases aged 17 and younger and 35 cases aged 60 or older. Demographics of new COVID cases: a girl and two boys aged 0 to 11, three girls and three boys aged 12 to 17, one woman and four men aged 18 to 29, five women and three men in their thirties, six women and one man in their forties, five women and one man in their fifties, five women and two men and one other person in their sixties, seven women and six men in their seventies, six women and four men in their eighties, and five women in their 90s or Larger.

The current total case rate, which is the 14-day average for Tuolumne County, increased to 11.9 from 5.3 per 100,000 residents. A total of 32 others were counted as having been released from seclusion, out of 10,698 released from seclusion. The 7-day test positivity rate is 5.3%, up from 2.7%, and 63% of the eligible population has been vaccinated.

Updated snapshots from the COVID status dashboard were not available at the time of the weekly report. Tuolumne Public Health says they are working with CDPH to get updated information from their dashboard and will provide these updates as they become available.

The CDC reports that Tulum and all counties in California except for Marin, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz on the coast, remain in the least severe (green) level of the COVID community of three according to the CDC determined by factors such as new hospital admissions and patient bed metrics. and based on the current level of new cases per 100,000 population in the past seven days. The three coastal counties above and below San Francisco are in the middle (yellow) level along with 258 other counties in the United States including the city of Portland, Oregon (Multnomah) and Seattle, Washington (King).

Tuolumne has moved to the large community transmission level (orange, red is the highest of the four levels) while Calaveras remains at the moderate community transmission level, one step above low (blue). Shown in the image Stanislaus, Mariposa and other surrounding counties are also at a high level of transmission with the Bay Area at the high (red) level as defined by the CDC as new cases per 100,00 residents in the past seven days. As noted above, transmission is just one factor the CDC uses to set the general community level which remains low (green) again except for 56 counties, mostly in New York State, at the high community level (orange).

Positive actions to protect ourselves and those around us, including anyone who is not fully vaccinated, children under five who cannot yet be vaccinated, and children with weakened immune systems from illness, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19 should be vaccinated (including a dose of enhanced), wear a mask in public (Concealment is not required but is still highly recommended. State guidelines on face coverings here require that all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, wear a mask on public transportation, in health care settings, and in shelters Emergency and Cooling Centers Public Health also recommends that individuals keep six feet apart and avoid crowds when possible, wash hands and clean surfaces frequently, and stay home when sick.

Calaveras Public Health Weekly updates every Tuesday. They report the death of a man in his 80s. The province has recorded 18 new cases of infection among its residents since its last update on April 19. They report nine active cases, one more than last week, and Covid has not been hospitalized.

Mariposa Public Health It reports 10 new cases (Saturday to Thursday). There are nine active cases, up from five active cases last week and no residents have been hospitalized with Covid.

COVID-19 test The COVID-19 testing site at the Mother Lode fairgrounds will change its operating days starting May 8, 2022. Beginning May 8, 2022, testing site hours will be: Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Antigen tests are conducted by Appointment PCR tests are performed by personal attendance only. Free at-home tests are available for local students. To obtain a test for your student, contact your school or the District Office of Schools at: 209-536-2000. To schedule a test appointment at the test site, visit:

Currently, the Mother Lode Fairgrounds is open Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 7am-7pm. Make an appointment to go to Or by calling 888-634-1123.

covid-19 vaccine Individuals may receive a second booster dose at least four months after the first booster dose if they are 12 years of age or older with moderately or severely immunocompromised, or 50 years of age or older. Another booster is also recommended for those 18-49 years old if they received the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine as a primary series dose and a booster dose. More information can be found at: Appointments in Tuolumne and Calaveras can be made through or by calling 833-422-4255 or through your local drugstore, More details here.

active (hospital)
Total 2022 All cases (all deaths)
4/23 to 4/25
20 19 (0) 1799 5,974
Calaveras 4/20 to 4/26 18 9 (0) 2,584 7,312
Mariposa 4/22 to 4/28 10 9 (0) 1,221 3,068
4/14 to 4/22
3 Unavailable 1,019 2989
Tulum 4/23 to 4/29 71 64 (1) 5228 13,520 (181)
Citing at-home testing, there are no updates for Stanislaus.