Corey Gamble testifies that he saw Blac Chyna hitting, and hitting Rob Kardashian 2022-04-26 19:41:00


Cory Gamble claims to have watched Blac Chyna punch Rob Kardashian, flog him with an iPhone cord and threaten to kill the reality TV star during an explosive fight nearly six years ago.

Kris Jenner’s longtime friend, who testified in a Los Angeles court on Tuesday, said it was just after dawn on December 15, 2016 when he rushed to Kylie Jenner’s home, where Rob and Chyna were staying, and witnessed an altercation.

When he entered the house, Gamble claimed to have seen Shayna, 33, standing next to the bedroom with a cane in her hand and Rob, 35, about seven feet away, looking red in the face and neck as if he was in physical condition. altercation.

Gamble said that when Shayna saw him enter the room, she immediately dropped the two or three foot long rod that was in her hand and instead picked up a long telephone cord that was on the floor.

I started hitting him on him,” Gamble said. “She was hitting Rob and she got in the middle and she got hit too. I had to try to get her attention to me. [Rob] He can take his belongings and leave the house. I can smell the alcohol on it.”

The house was “a mess,” Gamble continued, adding that there were Christmas decorations scattered on the floor, along with a broken gingerbread house.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna
Gamble claims to have seen Blac Chyna hitting and hitting Rob Kardashian in 2016.
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Gamble claimed that as soon as Rob was able to get his wallet and keys out of the bedroom, he walked out the front door and tried to leave, but Gumble’s car was blocking Rob.

At that point, an angry Chyna allegedly picked up a chair in the yard and threw it at Rob’s car, according to Gamble’s testimony.

Gamble claimed that Chyna then continued to attack Robb.

Gamble testified: “I jumped on his back and punched him in the back of the head.” “I tried to get the little table to throw at him but Rob was already in his car.”

Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble
Kris Jenner has been dating Gamble since 2014.
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Gamble said he stayed home for a few minutes to make sure Chyna wouldn’t get into her car and follow Rob.

“I asked her what was going on and she screamed that she hated him…she didn’t like him,” Gamble said. ‘She said, ‘Why would I love this fat motherfucker if he wasn’t part of this family?’ “

Gamble has been called to testify on behalf of Kris, Kylie Jenner, Kim and Khloé Kardashian, Chyna was sued for defamation And He allegedly interfered with her contract For the second season of her show “Rob & Chyna”.

Chyna alleged that the family used their influence to pressure network executives to cancel the reality series, causing a loss of more than $100 million in future earnings and other revenue.

When asked why he decided to interfere in the quarrel between the former spouses, Gamble, 41, looked at the jurors and said, “I grew up around this kind of behavior. That’s why I said [Rob] That this will not stop. I can only say that this is something he doesn’t want to be a part of.”