Chicago weather: Storms can turn severe with high winds, hail and possible tornadoes 2022-04-30 07:00:46


CHICAGO (WLS) – The Chicago area is at risk of severe weather this weekend as several rounds of storms are expected.

The Chicago area could see heavy rain, gale winds and hail Saturday with the possibility of some hurricanes, ABC7 meteorologist Greg Dutra said.

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According to the Storm Prediction Center, the entire Chicago area is at “slight” risk of severe weather on Saturday — level 2 out of 5. There is a 5% chance of a tornado occurring within 25 miles of any given point in the Chicago area on Saturday, the meteorologist said. ABC7 Sheryl Scott on Friday.

Several rounds of rain and storms are expected to develop on Saturday, with the potential to become severe. The threat of storms on Saturday afternoon and evening is contingent on the destabilization of the atmosphere in the morning, which may serve to prevent scattered storms on Saturday morning. All storm threats are possible, Dutra said, but strong winds are likely.

Scattered rain and storms likely earlier Saturday. The roar of thunder wouldn’t be surprising, but the best chance of severe weather would be later in the afternoon and evening.

Storms will arise near I-39 around the 3:00 p.m. time frame. They likely won’t make it to the Chicago area until the nearest 5:00 PM, then it hits Northwest Indiana in the 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM time frame.

The system heading into the Chicago area actually hit KS on Friday and the images coming out of there are horrifying.

Video clip shows powerful tornadoes ripping through the town of Andover, a suburb of Wichita. You can see flying debris and power lines sparkling as the funnel tears through everything in its path. Much of the city is now without electricity. So far, there have been no reports of injuries.

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