Chicago Bears 2022 UDFA News and Rumor tracker 2022-04-30 17:56:56


The 2022 NFL Draft It may be over but it worked Chicago Bears far from complete. Chicago has more open positions on the list than just every NFL team, and that means plenty of free, unoccupied clients will demand a chance to wow the Brass Bears.

Since the bonus money is limited to just $167,944 per class of UDFAs signed by each team, you should expect some players and their agents to occasionally fan rumors on social media to increase interest. Keep in mind that we’ll see some misleading leaks about players singing with different teams, but don’t assume it’s a done deal until the teams actually announce an official signing.

We’ll be on top of all the bear news and rumors throughout the weekend.

UDFA News and Rumor Tracker

  • Chase Allen, TE, Iowa (Link)
  • Jack Sanborn, Elbe, Wisconsin (Link)
  • Jake Tongs, TE, Cal (Link)
  • Savon Scarver, WR, Utah (Link)
  • Kevin Sha, WR, Liberty (Link)

For another set of eyes on the UDFAs, our guy Aaron Liming is also following this one on Google Document.

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