Chelsea Handler, 47, says therapy gave her the ‘self-awareness’ she needed to fall in love with Jo Koy 2022-04-28 09:58:56


Comedian Chelsea Handler is totally smitten with fellow comedian Joe Coy and He was not ashamed to express it over the past few months.

In frank sitting with H! NewsHandler, who made a name for herself in comedy as a proud single woman, opens up about how going to therapy gave her the mental clarity she needed to fall in love.

“I’ve gone a long time without ever sitting down to think or think. The therapy is otherwise,” she said. “It gives you the gift of self-awareness. I wouldn’t have been open to dating a Gu Kui unless I had received therapy.”

“It was a great romance. I didn’t really think I would understand this,” she added, her relationship with Koi – a huge shift from where she was before seeing a therapist. She was saying to herself, “I thought, ‘Oh, I just don’t get it.’” That’s fine. I have my family, I have my friends, I’m busted. You don’t have to worry about finding love.”

became the couple Instagram official last yearAfter we’ve been friends for years. In fact, Koy was a frequent guest on her show, Chelsea recently, although the sparks didn’t really fly until much later. Handler said their relationship really blossomed during the pandemic, remembering the moments she really missed him when he wasn’t around.

“When he was leaving, I was like, ‘This is a problem,’” she recalls. “Or if I hadn’t heard anything about him for a few days, I said, ‘Where’s Jo Koi? He’s usually in my ass.’” Then I started to realize, “Oh, it doesn’t bother me.”

“Joe was the first person in my life I didn’t want to leave,” Handler continued. “He was the first guy, emotionally, for a long time that didn’t bother me. That’s always been my take on men that they don’t know when to leave or they don’t know when to stop talking. I’ve always felt like ‘No, that’s not right, that’s not it.’” And I’ll cut Everything is spot on as soon as I feel like it. So, having slow heartburn as I’ve been hanging out with Joe for a year before anything happens was something I’ve never experienced before.”

She added, “Everyone said, ‘You can fall in love with your friends,’ and I said, ‘No, you can’t.’” As if the attraction is there or not. And imagine what? It wasn’t there at first and it evolved over time and then I fell madly in love with it and I still love it. He is always in a good mood and always ready to go. Like, that’s the best energy you can be around.”

The comedian who was touring the country with her standup show, Vaccine and hornShe also noted that the past two years have changed her outlook on life – and love – for the better, a message she hopes will resonate with other women searching for love.

“Men have proven to be disappointing in many respects. Not all men, but enough.” “So, to have this in my life, at this point it makes me believe in everything. Everyone deserves it. Everyone will find their person, as long as you never give in to someone and don’t settle down.”

In addition to love, for the past two years, Handler has been embracing her body more than ever. But despite some of the criticism she has faced for posting hilarious nude videos and pictures of her enjoying life, she can’t help but point out double standards.

“I’m just having fun,” she said. “It’s ironic that women aren’t naked when men’s bodies are allowed out,” before she adds, “There’s a whole double standard and something sexual that women can’t show their breasts because men – what? – are going to get boners?”

Looking into the future, though, the funny lady embraces life and all of its blessings.

“I want to spend my life being real, being present and having people rely on me to know the truth and to know I’ll show up if you need me,” she said.

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