Caught on camera: Woman crashes into a car with a child inside, smashes car with a paddle at a gas station 2022-04-30 14:59:30


DETROIT, Michigan (WLS) – A woman went into a sermon at a Detroit suburban gas station and the whole thing was videotaped.

A video clip shows a woman in a white car driving violently with an infant in the back seat and crashing two cars. After recovering the child, the driver was seen carrying a baseball bat and crashing into one of the cars.

Police said the incident started as a quarrel between two women who knew each other.

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“With a child in the car, I can’t believe it,” said Kim Lulu, the owner of the car that crashed during the accident.

Police say the women met at the station to share children’s clothes. It is unclear what started the fight.

The driver of the car faces several charges.

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