Casper’s new attachable headboards make it easy to change the look of your bedroom | CNN Undercover 2022-04-26 10:53:50


Spring is the perfect time to refresh your space, and if you’re tired of looking at the same bed all the time—or you finally want to add a headboard to your bed frame for a more polished look— arranged in a box Brand Kasper He has the solution for you.

Transform the look of your bed in no time with the brand New Attachable Front Panels. They’re made specifically for Casper beds but can also be used with generic headboard mounts, so you don’t necessarily have to buy an entirely new setup to get the new designs.

The new headboards come in two new styles: Attachable headboard, which starts at $595 for a queen, comes in both ash (a deep charcoal gray) and cream, and its paneled look fits nicely with a host of bedroom vibes, from mid-century to more traditional décor. There is also a file tiltable headboardstarting at $395 for a queen, which features a textured woven look of slate (another dark grey), taupe (that says it all) and haze (a light, warm grey).

tiltable headboard

Both styles are compatible with adjustable rulesstarting at $795, plus Metal bed frame + foundation$149 a queen.

To complete the look, you’ll only need to pick up a $45 universal headboard (there’s an option to add to your cart when choosing your headboard) that will help you attach it to the base you already have. Of course, if a Casper bed On your wish list, new headboards might be the excuse you need to start the whole remodeling process.