Call of Duty games now prevent cheaters from seeing opponents | Engadget 2022-04-28 08:04:10


Call of Duty developers are turning to increasingly creative ways bend cheaters In online matches. Eurogamer Notes Activision is rolling out RICOCHET kernel-level anti-cheat system to Call of Duty: VanguardAt the same time, he revealed that the countermeasure punishes cheaters with “anonymity”. Any cheaters caught will find themselves unable to see or hear opponents, until the bullets hit the bullets. They’ll be at a disadvantage – and hopefully, frustrated enough to leave the game.

Anonymity joins other cheaters’ “mitigations” that include the Damage Shield, which prevents cheaters from inflicting massive damage on competitors. Activision has also made it clear that anyone who is banned for cheating will be removed from the leaderboard for a particular game, and that it bans users daily and in waves. The latest crackdown resulted in the culling of 54,000 accounts.

RICOCHET has come to multiplayer only war zone In 2021. Unlike anti-fraud technology at braveHowever, the kernel-level driver for Call of Duty titles is only active while these games are running. This theoretically reduces vulnerabilities and potential problems with other programs.

Anti-fraud measures such as anonymity are not guaranteed to work. Provided RICOCHET detects a cheater in the first place, it also assumes that hackers cannot automatically detect enemies. However, this makes it difficult for cheaters to thrive, and may be enough to discourage all of the most determined spoiling sports.

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