Brett Fitch completed his first ever trade, still holding Skye Moore four picks later 2022-04-30 02:16:12


More than a month later Kansas City Chiefs Take the step of changing the franchise to trade broad receiver Tyreek Hillthe team’s supporters were very keen to hear a broadband receiver called V NFL Project.

This energy was maintained throughout the first round (the two bosses took defensive players), and that extended to Day 2 and Round 2.

that’s when unimaginable It happened.

With George Pickens of Georgia still on the board, Brett Fitch was first trading down of his general managerial career.

It was exciting,” Fitch said with a smile at his press conference after day two. “I told Clark (Hunt) – everything was unchecked from my to-do list, the only thing I had left was swaps, so it was a special moment, and we took a while to celebrate that.”

For the second day in a row, the chiefs found a business partner in New England Patriotsthis time giving them a 50th place pick and four holes back to 54th with a 5th place finish.

“We were in the mindset that if we can get a fifth round and be active [Saturday] Between 4 and 7, that’s going to be something we’ll care about,” Fitch explained. “It just kind of worked out perfectly where we were great with a little movement—nothing crazy—and it made sense.”

Three of the next four selections were receivers – the Patriots chose the Tekwan Thorton of Baylor, Pittsburgh Steelers Select Pickens, then File Indianapolis Colts Picked Alec Pierce from Cincinnati.

Remaining on the board was Skye Moore of Western Michigan, chosen by The Chiefs with pick number 54.

“It was a good setup for us to go down four points, and get that selection in the fifth round [for Saturday] And then to get a guy in Skyy Moore we were obviously going to take her there at the age of 50,” Fitch said. “It worked, and you have to hold your breath there. They’ll be begging me to swap back all the time now, so I guess that’s good and bad, all at once. “

“I will meet the best midfielder in football.”

Fitch picked up the phone and called Moore, who was waiting to hear from him when completely party project.

“The Skyy is unique,” ​​Fitch said, now describing the 5-foot-10, 195-pound receiver. He’s smaller, but he plays big. He’s got longer arms. He’s been running backwards he’s turned away. It was funny watching his tape because it looked like we’d been watching him forever until he dropped a pass. His soccer skills are great. He can get out of the press coverage. He’s playing Big enough that you can use it on the outside, take advantage of it on the inside, and great run after hunt, cool kid. Clever. Pick up a crime real fast.”

Moore isn’t quite as fast as Hill, coming in at a slower pace with a 4.41 40-yard dash, but the Chiefs fell in love with his reliability, which seems to be a staple among new pass catchers.

The Chiefs also appreciate his ability to absorb instructions, which is key as a receiver gets into Andy Reed’s crime.


Photo by Justin Casterlin/Getty Images

He can be relied upon,” said Assistant General Manager Mike Burgonzi. “He’ll go the right ways. He’ll run them right, he’ll catch the ball. I think that’s the one thing he always stresses with wide receivers – the first thing is catching football. And that’s the one thing that’s stood out with Skyy which is any chance – Contested shots, he was holding the soccer ball. And for the smaller guy, he wasn’t afraid to go through the middle. So all of those things were so special to us and we felt as though he would be a really productive player in our attack.”

“Tyreek was just a very versatile guy, obviously very fast,” Moore said when asked about the inevitable comparison with the former president. “[He] He was only able to be the spark for this crime when I needed it. I honestly feel that I can come and do the same role but I just have my own touch of it. And being able to be the best teammate I can be.”

mor The best fit may be to work in the hole, piling up the yards after the catch. In his final year in college football, he had 95 receptions for 1,292 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Fitch thinks he brings something different to the table than Marquis Valdez-Scantling, Mikol Hardman and Jojo Smith-Schuster.

“I think there are times when you might be looking for something, but we have guys like MVS who have some size and speed,” Fitch explained. “Mikol has the speed. JuJu is big, so I feel we have a good mix, and now we just want to add the best player regardless of size or height – only players we feel will be able to come in and contribute right away. Certainly, Sky is one of those guys.”

Moore appreciates the room he enters – not only because of his teammates but also because of the midfielder. The Western Michigan producer made it clear that he couldn’t join in a better position in the National Football League.

“I feel like he’s the best midfielder in football,” Moore said of Patrick Mahomes. “He’s the best player in football right now. Like I said, it’s a blessing to be on this team. There are 32 teams in the NFL, and I’m putting together the best quarterback in football. It’s just a blessing.”

The funny thing is that Moore never expected to hear from the bosses, as he was following him aggressively buffalo bills And Jacksonville Jaguars. Moore spoke to chief scouts but didn’t necessarily feel like he was going to land in Kansas City.

“It was just a normal conversation,” he recalls. “It made sense. I always knew the choice was going to make sense. But it was never any special treatment from the bosses… They weren’t putting pressure on me so hard about the Zoom call or the visits and everything. I would say now it’s a blessing to be a part of such This great organization.”

All the while, The Chiefs wanted to be the player – a former running back who had shown impressive progress in the past three years when he learned the receiving position.

“It’s quite impressive to see what he’s done here in the past three seasons,” Borgonzi added. “He had a monster year last year… the only thing you see with him – he’s reliable. He’s a really smooth road runner – he gets in and out of breaks really fast and would be a good component of this offense.”