Braves oppose Terrapin Brewing ‘Los Bravos’ trademark 2022-04-27 22:10:46


ATLANTA, GA (CBS46) – Atlanta National Baseball Club, LLC has filed a formal objection to the “Los Bravos” wordmark recently filed by the Terrapin Brewing Company.

“Los Bravos” appears on Terrapin clothing and merchandise and is the name of a Mexican-style beer sold at its brewery, Trust ballpark, and retail stores.

In opposition, the Terrapin Brewing Company has used “Los Bravos” since 2017. However, the Braves organization claims to have used “Los Bravos” long before Terrapin.

In May 2017, the Braves announced the “Los Bravos” initiative in partnership with the Latino community in Atlanta.

Attorney Dina Thomas said the problems may have started in the ferment when Terrapin applied for the federal trademark — despite the use of “Los Bravos” Terrapin over several years.

“We take it to another level where you want to introduce a federal brand that gives you exclusive rights across the United States and entire territories to use that mark,” Thomas said. “I think the Atlanta Braves think that’s overrated.”

Thomas said creating a distinction is important for beer-lovers and the brave.

“Brands do not protect the company. They are to protect the consumer,” she said.

Thomas said the doctrine of foreign equivalence is used in the case. While “los bravos” translates to “the brave” in English, she noted that Terrapin argued that “los bravos” translated as “bravado” in English.

“It would be my bet for the brave to overcome this,” Thomas said.

CBS46 has reached out to Terrapin for comment and they have sent us the following statement:

“We have a strong, long-standing partnership with the Braves and Major League Baseball, and we’re working closely together on this. All parties are aligned, so this is just a procedural step. We’re looking forward to a great baseball season and sharing our great products with fans at Trust Park.”

Terrapin has until the end of May to give his answer to the opposition, but this could run into 2023 and result in the name being changed to the famous “Los Bravos” beer.

Opposition notice: