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It looks like the Kansas City Chiefs have been making calls about trading in the first round, According to a new article from Sports Illustrated Albert Breer on Wednesday evening. Here are the chiefs’ notes from Brier:

There has been a lot of speculation about the presidents trading – and they made those calls during the 1920s in the last couple of days. I understand why many people think it is for a receiver. And it may be. But I’ve heard it might be for speeding up passing or cornering as well, and I have a scenario that I think is realistic.

The first piece of the 29th will be moved to the upper reaches of the 1920s to choose Elam or Gordon. The second piece would be to take a receiver at 30. To that end, watch Georgia Pickens as a potential wild card. Pickens is off the boards of some teams entirely, I was told, due to maturity and reliability concerns. However, he is very talented, and the kind of danger that Andy Reed and Brett Fitch have constantly faced.

In fact, if Pickens’ character is clean, and he didn’t tore apart the AFC Champions League last spring (which cost him most of his final season), there’s a good chance he’d be in the top 10. So while the 30th pick might be a bit rich, I can see the logic in doing it – and other teams can do it too.

“It’s early for a child,” said one of the executives. “But it’s not too early for a player.”

Our Principal Analyst, Ron Cope, He has written a profile on a corner back in Florida Care Elam

If Elam is selected by the Chiefs, he is expected to start immediately as an outside cornerback – especially in three-corner sets as Sneed moves into the hole. But Elam has the talent to push Fenton as the second pillar of the depth chart.

In college, Elam was a stopping point, producing well in a conference that in recent seasons has consistently sent wide receivers to the NFL. He has the physical abilities to hold out on the spot – as well as improve the corner set in Kansas City. It should be more original than Mike Hughes was in 2021.

In the long term, Elam is not only undertaking the project as an able rookie, but as a player with enough ceiling to be worthy of a second contract.

…and our Christian Gomminger Do one for Washington Kornbeck Keeler Gordon.

In defensive coordinator Steve Spagnolo’s scheme, Gordon’s physicality and explosiveness would be a welcome addition to his kick corner collection. With his ability to play outside and in the hole – and a quick blast that allows him to go wherever he needs to – Spagnuolo will have another chess piece to go with.

Gordon possesses distinct physical tools: short speed, footwork, and ball skills. While he has some shortcomings, it seems that they can be easily fixed – or should be eliminated with more significant reps.

Since he only ran a 40-yard dash, Gordon NFL UNITED The performance was disappointing. However, this should not affect its projection; His bar shows that he’s more of a side-runner than a fast-paced athlete.

In a very talented cornering class, Gordon has the potential to become a steal on day two – but it also wouldn’t be surprising if a corner-needing competitor helps him pick him up in the back half of the first round.

Finally, Rocky Majana Georgia covered wide reception George Pickens.

Pickens comes up with his red flags. His troubles on the field, combined with his injury record, make him anything but a sure thing. During his three years in Georgia, he failed to meet the high expectations of the masses for him.

Of all the top talent in this draft, I’d say Pickens is the most volatile from an investment perspective. If you told me that after a few months working with the Chiefs’ coaching staff, the Pickens would be stronger, more enduring, and would go on to become a perpetual All-Pro, I’d say I could see that happen.

But if you also say, he will have problems off the field and will be injured for 80% of his career and struggle to get a foothold and make an impact because of it; I wouldn’t be surprised either.

Pickens is probably one of the best receivers in world football. When you watch him in a movie, there is no weakness in his game beyond his ability to stay on the field.

If the Chiefs end up picking Pickens, it will be because they loved what they heard when they met him this week, and if Andy Reed signs him, that’s good enough for me.

You don’t get a chance to gain an elite talent like this every year in the draft. If Pickens is still there when selecting the president at 29, go for it.

Managing Director Brett Fitch discussed the idea of ​​trading during his initial press conference last week.

“We’re talking about 16 to 18 players evaluated in the first round, and all of a sudden you can pick 19, 20, 21 and there are still some of those guys on the board, I think you make a decision and see if maybe you can find a business partner,” Fitch said. Those 16 guys were off the board by the time you get to 19, 20, 21, which I think kind of drives the narrative to just stay where they are and collect the assets. I’m probably not expecting a big jump, just throwing in the haymaker and trying to get into the top ten, unless something unexpected happens.

“I would say we’re going to be flexible, we’ll let the board speak to us and if there’s value we’re going to do, and if not, we’ll stay where we are.”

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