Big tech antitrust bill gets US Department of Commerce backing 2022-04-27 13:27:29


Testifying before the Senate Commerce Committee, Raimundo praised the efforts of Senator Amy Klobuchar and Representative David Cislin to endorse the American Online Innovation and Choice Act (AICOA), a bill that would prevent tech platforms from unfairly favoring private proprietary services over their platforms. over those competing companies.

“[I] “We clearly agree that we need to improve competition, which increases innovation,” Raimundo said. [Justice Department] Issued a letter of opinions on behalf of management to support [AICOA] The Chamber and I certainly support that and agree with the objective of the legislation and the views expressed in this letter of opinions.”

Europe agrees to sweeping new regulations for tech platforms
Ministry of Justice last month letter “The agency views the rise of dominant platforms as a threat to open markets and competition,” the agency said, adding that allowing these platforms to “pick winners and losers” with their immense power “endangers the country’s economic progress and prosperity, and ultimately threatens the economic freedom that underpins our democracy.”

Antitrust officials at the Department of Justice are currently suing Google for allegedly abusing its dominance in the search and search advertising markets. At the time of sending the letter, policy analysts said the Justice Department memo increases the odds of AICOA being passed.

Raimondo’s endorsement could provide further support for the legislation as US lawmakers seek to follow in the European Union’s footsteps. Last month, the European Union approved two sweeping legislative proposals for regulation Social media And competition in technology markets.

Under the proposed US legislation, Apple may have to allow iPhone users to install apps from unofficial app stores, while companies like Google may have to change the way search results are displayed. The tech industry opposed the bill, saying it could undermine user security and result in worse consumer experiences.