Beijing braces for COVID lockdown with mass testing and panic buying 2022-04-27 04:08:15


Beijing is preparing for a possible lockdown in the face of a new COVID outbreak. Residents are stockpiling supplies, and authorities have ordered 20 million people to take three mandatory tests this week.

why does it matter: Sticking with President Xi Jinping’s strategy of eliminating COVID effectively means leaving the entire country on the brink of indefinite lockdown.

Between the lines: Shi is personally related to the zero-COVID approach – which he did publicly defend Last week – some experts believe he simply can’t be seen giving it up.

News leadership: Shanghai’s brutal lockdown is shaping the way officials and ordinary citizens in Beijing are dealing with the rise in coronavirus cases.

  • A month after the lockdown of Shanghai, which saw severe food shortages and heartbreaking scenes like Parents are separated Of their children with COVID, the authorities in China’s financial capital are erecting fences To color the residents inside their buildings.
  • Beijing has yet to be locked down, but officials seem to have learned lessons from the chaos in Shanghai. They started mass testing much earlier and let truck drivers haul supplies, In the New York Times.
  • However, residents do not take risks. One woman in Beijing The Wall Street Journal said, She bought a refrigerator for the weekend and filled it with enough to feed her family of five for three months.

Where do you stand: According to the official count, the Chinese capital has reported only about twenty new cases in each of the past three days. Numbers like these are an approximation in any major American city, but China’s strategy of not spreading the novel coronavirus makes it a well-meaning emergency.

  • The effectiveness of zero COVID in China, in contrast to the outbreak of the disease in the West, was an important narrative for the Communist Party and the Xi.
  • But more infectious variables mean that outbreaks are now being detected in cities across the country, all at once. More than 70 cities have faced some form of lockdown since mid-March.

Details: China’s vaccines are less effective than Western mRNA vaccines, and 41% of people over the age of 60 have them Not recommended Three doses. In addition, the incidence of zero-to-COVID virus infection is limited, so few Chinese residents have natural immunity.

  • All this increases the possibility of the disease spreading out of control.

what are they saying: While the lockdown in Shanghai may be more economically significant, the prospect of such a clampdown in the capital is sensitive for the government — especially as Xi prepares to break with modern habits and extend his rule for a third term later this year.

  • “The city should have all kinds of contingency planning in place for the Olympics that can be put in place now. Any longer shutdown, especially if handled poorly like Shanghai, could be an economic and political disaster,” said Bill Bishop. He writes In his Sinocism newsletter.

What’s Next: As the rest of the world learns to live with the virus, it may also have to learn to live with the ripple effects of China’s very different approach to supply chains and economic growth.

  • International Monetary Fund sectioned Its growth forecast for China last week.