Beats Fit Pro earbuds.

Beats Fit Pro Review: Fits the Pro 2022-04-26 14:00:40

Beats Fit Pro earbuds.


Beats Fit Pro is just as easy to use with an Android device as it is with an iPhone. It looks like Apple-owned Beats is trying to appeal to a broader market, and it’s working. Beats Fit Pro headphones fit well with multiple ear tips and fit test. The sound quality is good for athletes who enjoy some boosted bass, and it’s great for everyday use as well. The main factors holding back the Beats Fit Pro for gold are price and ANC issues.

The Beats Fit Pro headphone is another headphone in the Beats repertoire for Android and iPhone True wireless earbuds. With the bud’s large wing tips, you may have a hard time getting them to fit properly, but luckily Beats has a proper ear tip tester to combat that. You also get other premium features like Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), built-in button controls, and automatic ear detection.

While the Beats Fit Pro has a lot of potential to be a great set of workout earbuds, we still couldn’t get the noise canceling to work several months after we initially reviewed it. There is a lot to love about these buds, but there are some points that may prevent you from buying them.

This is amazing Beats Fit Pro . Review It comes from the audio experts of the sister site SoundGuys. paying off in the depth On Beats Fit Pro.

Who does the Beats Fit Pro work for?

  • iPhone users Those who want earbuds that are compact in size for exercise and blend in well with any environment, might enjoy the Fit Pro earbuds.
  • Android users Those who also want a great pair of sporty earphones will get the same amount as iPhone owners will get Fit Pros.
  • athletes They are bound to enjoy what Beats Fit Pros have to offer from their wings to their fun bass focus, and IPX4 rating.

What does it look like to use the Beats Fit Pro?

The noise canceling Beats Fit Pro true wireless earbuds inside the case, while showing different ear tip sizes.

Sam Smart / Android Authority

The Beats Fit Pro has a slightly funny look due to its pointed, angled tips and rounded casings. Despite this, they are very comfortable to wear at least for relatively short periods of time. After you’ve rolled and “pinned” the earpads in place, be sure to push the attached wing tip under the preventer helix to secure it firmly. There are also three sizes of ear tips, it will ensure you find the right one for you BelievesComfortable fit with the best sound quality. Although the tip fits in the right ear, the wrap can put pressure on your outer ears, causing discomfort.

The Beats Fit Pro is very comfortable to wear at least for fairly short periods of time.

The earbuds have a small “b” on the outside that acts as a button for controlling media and calls. The bottom of the bud magnet, a skin detection sensor for automatic ear detection. This works in the same way as the sensor on the AirPods (3rd generation), and results in a more responsive play/pause experience. It also features the small “b” charging case, which has a slightly faded lid which could be a long-term concern for durability but did not present any issues during our review. The case charges using USB-C, and stays closed using magnets, although a slight impact will open it up and knock your earbuds to the ground.

The Beats Fit Pro headphones case in the pocket.

Sam Smart / Android Authority

How do you control the Beats Fit Pro?

Unlike Apple AirPods (3rd generation) and Apple AirPods Pro, you can use a button to control playback and incoming calls on the Beats Fit Pro. By default, the press and hold command toggles listening modes, but you can change that within the Beats app or the iOS Settings app so that it adjusts the volume instead.

a job Either earphone
one click
  • Play/Pause
  • Answer/end the call
  • Answer a second incoming call, put it on hold first
  • With two active calls, switching between calls
two clicks
  • next song
  • Send call audio from earphones to phone
three clicks
Press and hold
  • Toggle listening modes (ANC, off, transparency)
  • Increase or decrease the size
  • Reject the incoming call
“Hey Siri” (iOS/iPadOS only)
  • change size
  • Ask for directions
  • playback control
  • Receive messages and more
Automatic ear detection
  • Single Bud Removal: Pause music, resume when inserted
  • Remove both earphones: Pause music, it will not resume when re-inserted

How is the Beats app?

If you have an Android phone, you should definitely Download the Beats app. This app allows you to make adjustments that were previously limited to the Apple ecosystem. You can switch listening modes, dictate a press and hold command, see battery life in a jiffy, perform an ear tip fit test, toggle automatic ear detection, and update the firmware, all from within the app. Upon opening the package, Beats prompts Android owners to download the app for a simplified pairing process. When you hit the pairing button on the case after downloading the app, a card pops up on your phone and prompts you to connect to your device.

If you have an iPhone, there is no need to download the Beats app because you get the same functionality in the iOS Settings app. The only additional feature that is limited to Apple devices is Spatial Audio.

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How is the battery in the Beats Fit Pro?

Beats Fit Pro charging case, showing the USB-C port and mini cable.

Sam Smart / Android Authority

Beats claims the Beats Fit Pro can last up to six hours with ANC turned on, and you get three additional charge cycles (18 hours) out of the case, for up to 24 hours of built-in battery life. When you put the earbuds in the case for just five minutes, you get another hour of playback, which is a nice perk.

The only way to charge the case is with a USB-C cable, and the cable came up comically short, so you might want to opt for something longer. The case does not support wireless charging, nor does it get battery optimization on iOS.

How does Beats Fit Pro cancel noise?

Fit Pro beats close in the hand.

Sam Smart / Android Authority

Pets Fit Pro Noise canceling It quiets some upper and mid-bass frequencies, but not to the same degree as Bose headphones might. It uses Beats adaptive ANC, so it calibrates the intensity in real time. The Beats Fit Pro does enough to silence the sound of the train outside my window, but not so much when I’m on the actual train.

Getting the best possible ANC performance depends on a good fitEar tip fit testing can help. It gives you feedback on specific ear tips so you can choose the best one for your ear canals. Once you create a file good seal With the ear tips, you will notice that the occasional noise becomes quieter, so you can enjoy your music better.

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Beats Fit Pro has a known issue where ANC stops working in blue. This is because Apple has left out the Beats Updater app and has not replaced it with anything, so if you need to update these earbuds after the initial factory release (4B58) to the latest version, it will come whenever it happens, but only if you have the Beats app on your Android or iOS device. If you only have a computer, you will be out of luck.

When we received the unit we bought for testing, the ANC wouldn’t work at all, and no number of support articles helped. This is why there is no ANC chart to show you how well it works.

What does the Beats Fit Pro sound like?

Beats Fit Pro frequency response chart.

Sam Smart / Android Authority

SoundGuysFrequency response The chart shows that Beats Fit Pro (cyan) favors bass tones, underestimates the mid-range, and has some treble focus compared to our consumer curve (pink). The bass focus isn’t overwhelming, and the treble is consumer-friendly, so you can still hear flutes, violins, and high-hats even with bassier elements. This type of frequency response works best with well-mixed pop, hip-hop, and rap music.

How is the microphone?

The Beats Fit Pro microphone is suitable for a pair of true wireless earbuds, but there’s plenty of room for improvement. In a phone call, callers on the other end will hear everything around you. But if you have a few more personal calls to make, Beats Fit Pro will be fine.

Beats Fit Pro Microphone Width (Perfect):

Beats Fit Pro (street) mic display:

Beats Fit Pro review: Verdict

The Beats Fit Pro is worn.

Sam Smart / Android Authority

The Beats Fit Pro is another step in the right direction for Beats and Apple: it fits well, has great sound, and works well on Android. Auto play on/off is impressive, and fast charging is good for forgetful athletes. If you want a stylish pair of earbuds that are compact and fit well on the ear, you’ll be thrilled with these headphones.

The Beats Fit Pro is another step in the right direction for Beats and Apple, but that high price tag makes it a tough sell.

However, these earphones cost $199, which is often more expensive than the AirPods Pro when on sale, and more expensive than competing earphones, especially considering the noise-cancelling issues people have had. Ultimately, Beats Fit Pro serves those who alternate between iOS and Android devices, and helps diversify the Beats demographic.

Beats fit pro case 1

Beats Fit Pro

Beats for Android and iPhone owners.

Beats Fit Pro features a compact design, IPX4 waterproof construction, and a USB-C charging port. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can make the most of this stylish pair of earbuds.

What are some Beats Fit Pro alternatives?

Apple AirPods Pro 12

Sam Smart / Android Authority

iPhone owners who aren’t quite sold out in the Fit Pro should invest in AirPods Pro ($249) While that. You’ll get many of the same features as Spatial Audio, IPX4 rating, built-in controls, and ear tip fit testing, and it can sometimes sell for cheaper. Unlike Fit Pro, these earbuds are derivative and don’t have an app running on Android.

The Beats Powerbeats Pro ($249Another Beats alternative, with a workout-friendly ear hook design and an impressive 10 hours and 52 minutes of battery life, though you do give up some premium features and USB-C inputs.

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The Bose Sport Earbuds true wireless workout headphones are outside the sealed charging case, and all things are covered in splashes of water.

Lily Katz / Android Salad

If you want something a little smaller, then beats buds studio ($149) a strong choice. You get plenty of color options, iCloud pairing support, and working ANC, although it’s not at the top of the class. They don’t have wingtips or spatial audio, but they are a good compromise between Beats and AirPods Pro.

If you want a customized pair of non-OS workout buds, then Bose sport headphones ($179) good choice. They use the Bose Music app, are very comfortable, and have the same IPX4 rating as the Beats Fit Pro.

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