Banned From Twitter: Accounts That May Be Deferred After Musk . Acquisition 2022-04-26 14:26:00


Elon Musk’s self-proclaimed “freedom of speech” status raises the possibility of lifting the ban on people whose Twitter accounts have been permanently suspended from the platform. richest man in the world Who agreed to buy Twitter for $44bn (£34bn)He said he’d rather give users a “time-out” rather than a lifetime ban.

Here are some of the prominent personalities who have been denied entry Twitter Who may hope to delay implementation.

Donald Trump

The account of the then-President of the United States was suspended on January 8, 2021, two days after the storming of the US Capitol. ban announcement, Twitter cited Trump’s repeated violations of the company’s rules and the risk of “further incitement to violence”. Trump, who had more than 88 million followers when he was banned, said Monday that he has no intention of returning to Twitter, sticking to his rival platform, the Truth Social.

Marjorie Taylor Green

The The congresswoman’s profile for the Republic of Georgia has been permanently suspended in January of this year for violating coronavirus misinformation policies. I have since expressed hope, in Its official government accountwill again be able to tweet using her own profile in the wake of the Musk deal.

Alex Jones

It was the account of the right-wing conspiracy theorist and his Infowars website Suspended in 2018 for violations of the platform’s abusive conduct policy. The two accounts had about 1.3 million followers combined.

Milo Yiannopoulos

The Right-wing writer banned in 2016 For his role in the online abuse of actress Leslie Jones for her role in the reboot of Ghostbusters. Yiannopoulos told that his comment was a “coward” and proof that Twitter was a “no-go area for conservatives.”

Politics for all

The The UK’s popular news aggregation service was banned in the UK in January For violating platform manipulation and spam rules. Her success on Twitter has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers, including MPs and government ministers.

David Icke

One of the UK’s leading conspiracy theorists, Icke is banned in 2020 For violating the coronavirus misinformation policies. The former BBC presenter has made several unfounded claims about the virus on several internet platforms, including a questionable theory that it is linked to the rollout of the 5G mobile network.

Katie Hopkins

The British right-wing commentator’s account permanently suspended in 2020 for violating the platform’s “hateful conduct” policy. According to the company, Hopkins, who had more than 1.1 million followers, was removed in order to “keep Twitter safe.” Her historical comments included comparing migrants to cockroaches and claiming a picture of a dead Syrian child lying on a beach, which sparked a wave of sympathy across Europe.

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Alex Berenson

The freelance US journalist has been banned for violating the site’s coronavirus disinformation rules. He subsequently filed a federal lawsuit against Twitter seeking his reinstatement.

Steve Bannon

The Ex-Trump adviser’s account suspended in 2020 After he called for the beheading of Dr. Anthony Fauci, a key figure in the US government’s fight against Covid-19, and FBI director, Christopher Wray. He also called for their heads to be placed outside the White House “as a warning.”

David Duke

The account of the former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan was permanently suspended in 2020 due to repeated violations of Twitter’s rules on hateful conduct. Twitter’s decision to permanently ban Duke came more than a decade after he created his account, in 2009, and more than eight years after he began posting regularly, in 2012.