Apple Opens Self-Repair Shop with $300 iPhone Screens and 19 Cent Screws 2022-04-27 07:00:00


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Makes it easier for customers and independent repair technicians to perform surgery on some iPhones and Macs.

After years of resisting DIY repairs, Apple New online store opened Wednesday Where anyone can view repair manuals and order parts and tools for some of the newer machines. The new Self Service Repair Store is selling screens, batteries, cameras and other parts to fix some problems with the updated 2022 iPhone 12, 13, and iPhone SE models. Later this year, it will stock parts and tools to repair Macs that contain Apple’s silicon chips.

Just don’t expect to save a lot of money doing the repairs yourself. Buying iPhone 12 Mini repair parts yourself will cost just $3 less than repairing your out-of-warranty device at an Apple Store, for example. And you still have to pay for the tools.

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Apple is famous for its Strict control over the repair process. For years, you’ve needed to go to an Apple Store or authorized service provider to get Apple-certified repairs which are often more expensive than repairs at independent stores. Take your device to an independent repair technicianOr crack it open yourself—You may void any warranty you have left. Through the self-service program, Apple maintains potential “right to repair” regulations by the federal government, including just reform law inserted in Congress.

While anyone can purchase parts and tools, Apple expects them to be used primarily not by consumers, but by technicians with experience repairing electronic devices.

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To start the ordering process, Apple asks for the serial number of the broken device. This pairs you with the correct manuals and parts. You are required to see the manuals: Apple requires a unique code for the manual at checkout. You will have to check a box to acknowledge that you have read the manual and feel comfortable proceeding with the repair before completing the order.

Apple said that more than 200 individual parts and gadgets will be provided by Apple, and they should arrive within a week of placing an order. The store is initially only available in the US but will expand to other countries, starting with Europe, later this year.

Repair Pricing

To replace a cracked screen on an iPhone 12 Mini, you’ll pay $225.96 for parts — plus extra tools. If you cast in your old monitor, Apple will give you $33.60. At the Apple Store or through the Apple Mail program, this screen is replaced with a full service, It will cost $229. (If you pay for AppleCare+, the cost is $29).

The Apple polishing cloth caught the eye online when the tech giant started selling it for $19. But it’s not the only add-on that Apple sells at this price. WSJ’s Dalvin Brown explains why. Illustration: Rafael Garcia

You can buy a package with all the parts you need, or you can buy individual parts. If you don’t need to keep the gadgets for future use, Apple offers a $49 one-week rental option.

Parts start at 19 cents for the iPhone’s tiny screws, and go up to $309.96 for the iPhone 13 Pro Max screen. The most expensive tool, at $256.35, is used to melt iPhone adhesive to remove screens. Apple hasn’t yet broken down prices for Mac parts and repair tools.

For more complex repairs, such as fixing your iPhone’s Face ID system, you should still take your device to an authorized repair center.

Apple said it does not provide technical support for self-service repairs. If you open your device and then panic or just have questions, there is no agent to call for help. If the repair is successful, the device warranty may not be voided. However, if you damage the device during the process, it will affect your warranty.

If you run into trouble along the way, you can take it to an Apple Store for help, but expect to pay for it as well.

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