Anstead rejects emergency order full custody of his son Hudson and son Christina Hack – E! Connected 2022-04-29 10:53:00


Ants Anstead And Christina HackThe current guardianship arrangements will remain the same – for the time being at least.

Although ant He applied for full custody of his son and 2-year-old son Christina Hudson London Anstead On April 28, a California judge denied his request.

According to court documents filed in Orange County and obtained by E! News, Ant’s request was denied due to “inadequate” presentation of urgent matters. Therefore, despite Ant’s efforts to seek an emergency ruling, the case will not be dealt with until the June 28 hearing.

In his original file, which I got TMZThe Celebrity IOU: Joyride The host requested full guardianship of Hudson with Christina getting alternating weekends. Christina allegedly only spends nearly nine full days with their son each month and has previously put Hudson’s health at risk — including one incident when Ant said he had sunburned her watch.

In response to the court’s request, Christina E! The news in a statement, “What Ant is doing deeply saddens me. If this was really about Hudson, he says, this should have been dealt privately with a special judge or mediation, as my attorney and I have suggested.”