Analysis: Lying has become the norm for Republicans today 2022-05-01 14:19:54


This is not only because Donald Trump It remains the dominant Republican figure. The former president lies incessantly, and his perverted behavior forces his fellow Republicans to lie about him.

The problem is deeper than one man. For a minority party joining blue-collar voters driven by cultural resentment with proven wealthy bottom line donors, gaining and exercising power requires disintegration beyond the traditional evasiveness that politicians of all parties have long used to mobilize popular support.

One of the Republican Party’s most successful political advisors in recent decades made this verdict in his 2020 sectarian diary. Stuart Stevens called his book, “It was all a lie.”

One obvious example of the policy is tax cuts. Like other GOP candidates in 2016, Trump promised that his tax plan would benefit the middle class, not the rich.

“It would cost me a fortune,” said the billionaire candidate.

This pledge not to cut taxes on the rich was crafted so as not to alienate his working class supporters. But she was wrong. As originally proposed and eventually approved by Republican lawmakers, Trump’s plan provided a dossier Biggest tax cuts for the richest Americans.
More recently, Republicans have dealt with this problem by keeping their goals quiet. They have not adopted any platform at their 2020 National Convention. To avoid a forum where the party candidate is pressured to speak honestly, the Republican National Committee recently give up cooperation with The impartial committee of presidential debates.
Senator Rick Scott of FloridaThe wealthy former healthcare executive who is spearheading the partisan campaign to take back the Senate, recently proposed new taxes on Americans with modest incomes. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell Disavowal of the idea When asked about the party’s agenda if he regains control of the room, the Kentucky Republican recently said, “I’ll tell you when we get it back.”
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, center, and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La.  and House Republican Convention Chairman Elise Stefanik, RNY, at the Capitol Visitor Center on January 20, 2022.
Relying on extremists whose opinions and behavior repel ordinary voters requires more deception. So Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona denies knowing the views of the white nationalists with whom he is associated; Representative Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia She testifies that she does not remember making statements — such as accusing Speaker Nancy Pelosi of “treason” — that video cameras recorded what she had done.
Because he needs their support, House GOP leader McCarthy backs away from discipline Green And josar Because of their suggestions of violence against fellow Democrats. He falsely suggested that Democrats had similarly suggested violence.
a Public Debt Research Institute poll Earlier this year, about a quarter of Republicans showed their affinity for the bizarre delusions of QAnon, a movement that claims Satanism controls the government and the media. Competition for their loyalty pushes Republican politicians past the point of credibility.
During the Supreme Court’s confirmation hearings for Biden’s selection to the Supreme Court, Judge Kitangi Brown Jackson, Republican senators, including Ted Cruz of Texas, have penned the accusation that Jackson treated child pornography issues with excessive leniency. conservative National Review rejected the attack as “unworthy to the point of demagoguery”; Cruz got a reprimand from a prominent conservative federal judge who had once written to him.
In the 2016 Republican presidential nomination battle, Cruz became the target of preposterous allegations. distance Trump suggested Cruz’s father is related For the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Texas senator stopped feigning emotion.

“I’m going to do something I haven’t done during the entire campaign,” Cruz declared. “I’m going to tell you what I really think about Donald Trump…this guy is a sick liar.”

As president, Trump has lived up to Cruz’s naming. On his first full day in office, he sent press secretary Sean Spicer to do so False claims about the size of his opening audience. Trump lied about politics (claiming he did I talked to North Korea about denuclearization) and personality (insisting that he knows nothing about it Payments to Stormy Daniels).
After federal prosecutors charged political advisor steve bannon Using a fraudulent method for We Build the Wall’s fundraising effort to sink supporters, Trump pardoned him. The last White House chief of staff in the Trump administration was Mark Meadows, a former right-wing member of the House of Representatives. Brendan Buck, former senior aide to two Republican speakers, He called the promoter “a world-class liar.”

The Republican Party’s existential challenge is to seize power as demographic change erodes the influence of its overwhelmingly white electoral base. Republicans have lost the popular vote in seven of the last eight presidential elections.

With the Big Lie of 2020, Republicans are using it False allegations of fraud To pretend that Trump never lost. After it was rejected by election officials and courts, extremists organized January 6 deadly rebellion.
From the start, Republicans have given up on dealing with the fallout by pointing to radical leftists rather than Trump supporters. Fox announcer Laura Ingraham He did so even as he was privately urging the White House to call off the insurrection. former Trump Cabinet Secretary Rick Perry He denied sending a text message about electoral fraud that contained his digital signature.
In fact, House Republicans have made telling the truth about the election a disqualification. shoot Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming As conference president and pariah Representative Adam Kinzinger of Illinoisthe two Republican members involved in the House committee’s investigation Jan.

This makes McCarthy’s lie about his own post-rebellion statements, in which he told colleagues he intended to ask Trump to resign, unremarkable. He was caught by audio tape after he denied he had said it, and McCarthy lied about the lie. He insisted he was denying something else he was not accused of.

McCarthy has long reiterated public loyalty to Trump. Republican comrades reacted as casually to the offenders as the previous president.

Trump told the Wall Street Journal: “I think it’s a huge compliment, frankly.”