Analysis: Donald Trump lived in fear of being hit by a ‘dangerous’ fruit 2022-04-28 09:48:29


Yes, you read that correctly.

in version A copy of the deposit as part of a lawsuit Presented by a group of protesters who claimed they were assaulted by Trump’s security guards at a 2015 campaign rally, the topic of fruit – and fruit in particular – was brought up.

Here’s the full saga — and epic — back and forth between Trump and Benjamin Deckter, the attorney representing the protesters.

Doctor: OK. And you said, “If you see someone getting ready to throw a tomato, just throw the crap out of them.” Was that your statement?

trump: Oh yes. It was very dangerous.

Doctor: What is so dangerous?

trump: We were threatened.

Doctor: with what?

trump: were going to throw fruit. We have been threatened. We had a threat.

Doctor: How did you know there was a threat that people would throw away fruit?

trump: We were told. I thought the Secret Service was involved in that, actually. And you hit the fruit, it’s – no – it’s very violent stuff. We were on alert for that.

Trump attorney Jeffrey Goldman: I think tomatoes are a fruit after all. … her seeds.

trump: It’s worse than tomatoes, it’s other things, too. But tomatoes, when they start doing these things, it’s a very dangerous thing. There was an alert that day.

Doctor: Who were you talking to when you said…

trump: The audience.

Doctor: So you were talking to the audience when you said if they see someone getting ready to throw tomatoes, just take them out of the trash, right?

trump: That was for the audience. It was said somewhat in jest. You probably buy, you know, a little bit of truth for that. It’s very dangerous stuff. You can kill with these things. …I wanted people to be prepared because we put on alert that they would serve fruit. And some fruit is much worse than a bad tomato by the way. But this is very dangerous … they were going to hit – they were going to be hit hard.

Amazing, isn’t it?

There is a long history of American politicians rushing with fruit.

Richard Nixon hit by”eggs and tomatoes [and] vegetables” At a protest against the war in 1970. He survived.
Tomatoes were thrown at the motorcade of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton During a trip to Egypt in 2012. not hurt.
In 2009, a protester Throwing tomatoes at former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin At the Mall of America in Minnesota. He miss. both times.
Perhaps the most famous incident in which a politician was involved in throwing something at them occurred on December 14, 2008, when he was The Iraqi journalist didn’t throw anyone, he just threw his shoes In then-President George W. Bush. Bush duck.