Amber Heard reacts as psychologist recounts personality disorders at Depp’s trial 2022-04-26 11:19:50


Amber Heard He seemed to be physically reacting like the psychiatrist who reviewed her relationship with him Johnny Depp She testifies that she suffers from two personality disorders.

The defamation trial between Mr. Depp and Mrs. Heard began on Monday, April 11th in Fairfax, Virginia Following the lawsuit that Depp brought against his ex-wife in March 2019. Depp argues that it tarnishes his reputation in a December 2018 op-ed published in Washington Post Titled “I spoke out against sexual violence – and faced the wrath of our culture. That must change.”

Psychologist Dr. Shannon Curry took the stage on Tuesday saying that she met Ms. Heard on “two separate dates” where she had her evaluation – December 10 and 17, 2021. She said they spent 12 hours together and that “the result of Ms. Heard’s evaluation supported two diagnoses – borderline personality disorder and personality disorder. hysteria.”

Dr Carey said Ms Heard was “blaming outsiders” and could be “fair” and “judicial” and have anger.

She added that there is a “desperate fear of abandonment” and the reaction to this is trying to maintain a close relationship with a significant other and this behavior can become extreme.

Dr. Carey said that those with borderline disorder can appear charming and socially sophisticated, but they may also explode and be unaware of problems in their thinking.

They are very concerned with appearances, can be tough, and may struggle to admit mistakes, which leads to a lot of problems in close relationships.

The reactions can be violent or aggressive and it can be offensive to their partner to physically prevent them from leaving.

They can also use the legal system to prevent their partner from leaving by threatening to file a restraining order or claiming abuse.

Dr. Carey said that people with borderline disorder can be easily offended and not try to control their emotions. They will do anything to express anger.

The clinical psychologist describes how Heard diagnosed two personality disorders

Describing histrionic personality disorder, Dr. Carey said it should be the center of attention, adding that those with the condition would need to make up stories to put themselves at the center of either the “victim” or “the princess”.

Dr Carey said there was evidence that Ms Heard was “blatantly” exaggerating her PTSD symptoms and that there was no evidence to support that she was actually suffering from the condition.

In her 2018 editorial, Ms. Heard wrote that “Like many women, I was harassed and sexually assaulted when I was college age. But I kept quiet – I wasn’t expecting complaints to get justice. I didn’t see myself as a victim.”

“Two years ago, I became a public figure of domestic violence, and felt the full force of our culture’s anger toward women who speak out,” she added at the time.

While Mr. Depp’s name is not mentioned in the article, his legal team argues that it contains “a clear implied indication that Depp is a domestic abuser”, which they say is “categorically and clearly false”. Depp is seeking damages of “not less than $50 million”.

Heard has filed a $100 million counterclaim against Depp for inconvenience and immunity from his allegations.

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