Amber Heard admitted getting tired in Johnny Depp’s bed: It was a ‘joke’, the guard attests 2022-04-29 19:42:00


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Amber Heard36, admitted that she shits in bed She shared once with her ex-husband Johnny Depp58, according to the testimony of Johnny’s former executive driver and security guard, Starling Jenkins III. The revelation came during testimony given on April 28 via a live video call to the Fairfax, Virginia, court. People. Specifically, Starling said,She had a conversation regarding the surprise she left in her boss’s bed, “After a big fight Aquaman The actress was with her husband at the time.

Amber Heard in Fairfax, Virginia
Amber Heard is seen in court in Fairfax, Virginia, on April 28, 2022.

He added that she called him “A shocking practical joke gone wrong” and that She shared the details while Starling was driving the actress to Coachella Festival In Indio, California one evening 2016. Thursday in court for Johnny’s $50 million defamation trial It was against Amber full of uncomfortable moments, including mentioning whether or not he was a bodyguard Malcolm Connolly Witness Ed Wood A star shows his genitals to urinate in the Australian home the couple lived in in 2015. Johnny was filming Pirates of the Caribbean: The Dead Tell No Tales there.

The highly publicized trial was littered with shocking details about Johnny and Amber’s private lives, including what were allegedly cut finger The incident in which Johnny claimed the quarrel escalated into Amber throwing a bottle of vodka at him. He says the bottle hit his hand and cut off a piece of his middle finger. “I looked down, and I realized that the tip of my finger was cut off, and I was looking directly at the protruding bone and fleshy part of your inner finger, and blood was flowing,” he said during the trial in April. 20.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard arrive at the “3 Days to Kill” premiere in Hollywood, California on February 12, 2014 (Shutterstock)

The measures have been extended since April 11 and come after a devastating loss for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Superstar – Johnny significantly lost the defamation case against him in the UK the sun He described him as a “wife beater” in late 2020. The hit cost him the actor play a role Fantastic beastsWarner Bros. asked him to resign amid questions about his credibility and personality.

However, he thinks he has a good chance at what he calls “acquittal” In the case of amber. “Despite all that has happened with the case in London, johnny Feel more confident as the days progress in court for this trial.” Hollywood Live exclusively. “This time it feels completely different because they are back in the States and johnny He has supporters that they couldn’t have been with before.”