Alleged Mississippi Mudbag Festival Shooter Killed by Officer 2022-05-01 08:47:00


the victim Killed at the Mississippi Mudbag Festival He was one of the perpetrators of the shooting, which wounded five others, authorities announced Sunday.

Hinds County Sheriff Terry Jones said the alleged shooter, an unidentified man, was killed by an officer who responded to the shooting at the Jackson Fairgrounds on Saturday night, WLBT news station reported.

“We believe … that the deceased victim was actively involved in the reported shooting incident,” Jones told reporters.

He declined to provide further details about the officer who killed the alleged shooter.

I will not disclose the name or agency of the officer. This is something that will come up… at a later time,” he said.

Jackson said at least six people were shot, including the dead man.

“The other victims appear to be stable at this time and do not appear to have been directly involved in the shooting or the circumstances that led to the shooting,” Jackson wrote on Twitter.

But he said there may be more victims missing in the mass shooting.

“We are still checking with other hospitals to see if other individuals were shot and transported by special vehicles to other hospitals as well,” he told reporters.

A person was declared dead at the scene, and many of the victims were taken to local hospitals with injuries.
At least six people were shot during the event.
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Jones said at least two people were detained in connection with the shooting, but it is possible that multiple shooters fired at the festival. The detainees are from the juveniles.

“It’s very devastating and tragic,” Jones said. “This is what should be considered a family event, where families from all walks of life come to a common place to enjoy the entertainment and enjoy the food… You have a reckless behavior of the individuals with no regard for the lives and safety of those who attended the event.”

Jones said it was not clear what caused the shooting, but an investigation was underway.