AJ Brown traded with the Eagles: Titans make amazing decision to move superstar future through 2022 NFL Draft 2022-04-28 21:27:00


The Eagles entered the 2022 NFL Draft in search of a wide receiver, and on Thursday night, they found one — not just from the upcoming Novice class. After moving on to pick Georgia Jordan Davis’s defensive tackle with the 13th pick overall, Philadelphia exited as the second pick for the first round, handling the 18th pick to the Titans as part of an impressive package for AJ Brown, As ESPN first reported.

Not only that, but the Eagles have already signed the Pro Bowl at scale for four years, $100 million with $57 million guaranteed, For all NFL mediawhere they secured a major new long-term goal.

In exchange for the Browns, the Titans got the 18th overall pick, which they proceeded to use for Brown’s potential successor Treylon Burks of Arkansas, as well as the Eagles’ 101st pick, a third player.

Brown is one of the UAE’s best young passing players in the second round of the Titans three years ago NFLtotaling 2,995 yards and 24 touchdowns since 2019. He was one of many big names that recently decided to continue volunteer drills in search of long-term contracts in light of the rapidly rising receiver market.

Despite Tennessee’s public statements about Brown’s future with the organization, Brown himself has been particularly sensitive to talks about stalled contract negotiations on social media as he acknowledged rumors about a potential trade.

The second veteran receiver was traded on the night of the draw after Marquis Brown of the Ravens, who was relegated with the Cardinals, the former Titans star missed four games through injury in 2021, but he immediately got it as a promotion in Philadelphia where he will start against 2021 first-round pick DeVonta Smith.

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts is a known friend of AJ Brown, and the two have recently worked together, so their surprising pairing is another indication of Philly’s commitment to building around Hurts for the 2022 campaign.

Meanwhile, the 24-year-old Brown has become one of the highest-paid recipients in the NFL under his extension with the Eagles, averaging $25 million a year. Only three other players — Terrick Hill ($30 million), Davante Adams ($28 million) and Da Andre Hopkins ($27.25 million) — have signed averaging more deals per season in their positions.