A shooting spree in Mississippi left 4 dead and led to a police confrontation that ended with the death of a suspect, officials said 2022-04-28 00:25:38


Police say the suspect, Jeremy Reynolds, 32, first shot three people at a Biloxi hotel before driving to neighboring Gulfport where he allegedly hijacked his car and shot a man.

When officers later found Reynolds, police said, he holed up inside a store until authorities finally came in to find him dead of unknown causes.

The incident began Wednesday morning in Biloxi, when police responded to reports of a shooting at a Broadway Inn Express hotel shortly after 9 a.m., the Biloxi Police Department said in a press release.

When the officers arrived, they found three dead people from gunshot wounds. They were later identified as the hotel’s owner, Muhammad Moin, 51, and two employees who also lived at the hotel, Laura Lyman, 61, and Chad Green, 55, BPD said during a joint press conference with the Gulfport Police Department (GPD). .

BPD said Biloxi officers determined that the suspect fled to the nearby city of Gulfport in a car belonging to one of the victims.

Biloxi police said a motive for the hotel shooting had not been established, noting that it was not clear if the suspect was staying at the hotel or knew the victims.

Gulfport Police Chief Adam Cooper said at the press conference in Gulfport at around 9:30 a.m. Police responded with a shootout where they found 52-year-old William Waltman, who was named by the suspect, who was later identified as Reynolds.

JBD said Waltman was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead after surgery.

They said that when Gulfport officers later found Reynolds and the stolen vehicle, he ran to a nearby store.

Two shop employees managed to escape before The GPD statement said Reynolds holed up inside.

SWAT teams from GPD and Harrison County were deployed to the scene and made “multiple attempts to contact the suspect on the job,” according to the GPD release. After the tear gas was deployed in the building, the SWAT team entered and found Reynolds “deceased of unknown circumstances,” GPD said.

Neither the suspect nor the police fired any shots during the confrontation, Harrison County coroner Brian Switzer said at the press conference. Switzer added that a small fire was discovered near Reynolds’ body, although it is not clear how it started.

Switzer said autopsies will be carried out on Reynolds and the four victims this week.