A report on Deebo Samuel’s Jets trade show reveals, would you have accepted the trade? 2022-04-29 16:02:47


The San Francisco 49ers It ended up not taking a single step on the first day of this year NFL ProjectHowever, that doesn’t mean their phone lines weren’t full of commercial offers for the Deebo Samuel’s wide receiver. according to Report by 49ers Athletic, defeating writer Matt Barrows, and New York Jets The Niners offered the 10th overall selection, the 5th selection for Samuel, and the 61st overall selection. However, assuming the Jets were making a fifth-round pick in this year’s draft, they only had one selection at the time (146).

While the Barrows report confirms that the Niners have been offered a Top 10 pick for Samuel, it also explains why the deal never comes close to completion. According to the three main draft selection value schemes, the bid (assuming it included a choice of 146 and no less valued in the fifth round receiver) was less valuable than the fifteenth overall selection in the draft itself.

Jimmie Johnson’s original and most outdated master chart was the highest on the show, rated as worthy of the 16th and 33rd overall picks. The Rich Hill chart, which has adapted Jimmie Johnson’s chart to adjustments for recent trade trends, evaluated supply as being worth the 17th and 252th overall selections. The Fitzgerald-Spielberger chart, which is based on statistical analysis of draft picks over the past two decades, underestimated supply, as It is seen as equivalent in value to only the twenty-fourth overall selection.

The Jets didn’t offer anything close to The Godfather’s offer that the 49ers were reportedly telling teams it would take to get Samuel on a deal. However, with his setting set the stage for drama throughout the upcoming season, do you think the 49ers should have pulled the trigger?

They could have chosen a wide receiver like Garrett Wilson, a safety one like Kyle Hamilton, or add another talent. They could also consider trading, maybe getting 32, 34, and 66 Lions or 16, 98, and 120 Saints.


Should the 49ers have traded Depo Samuel and 61st in the New York Jets for 10 and 146?

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