A New Jersey vet faces multiple charges of animal cruelty 2022-04-27 22:16:31


Newark, New Jersey A New Jersey vet has been charged with abusing dogs. Many of them even died under his care.

Jose Lopez brought his dog to Newark Veterinary Hospital for stitches after sustaining a minor cut to his back.

“Half an hour later he called me, and I was already scared. Why did he call me?” Oh, she’s dead.” What do you mean she died? Lopez told CBS 2’s Kevin Rincon on Wednesday.

His veterinarian was Dr. Ehren Jablon. The 44-year-old now faces several charges of animal cruelty.

“This place should be closed,” Lopez said. “They should be closed. They will keep killing.”

“This guy is evil, really, really evil,” added Alessandra Estevez, who lives next door to the animal hospital.

Steves said her friend brought her dog for a test, but he never made it home.

“Then he paid the woman $2,600, saying the dog died during surgery,” Estevez said.

The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office says its investigation began in June last year when a woman brought her English dog to the office for a test. The vet said she needed surgery. The next day he died. Rincon reports that another vet examined the remains and found that she had not undergone surgery.

“He’s literally a monster,” said Jessica Portillo. “It’s the work of a monster for these animals.”

Portillo brought one of her Yorkshire terriers to visit, when she was exposed to Parvo. In all, five of her dogs have died from this virus.

“A lot of people could say these are dogs, but to me these are my kids. These are my best friends, and it’s not fair that anyone should go through this,” Portillo said.

She got help from Susan Jeanette, who runs Rosemarie’s Rescue Ranch and was able to rescue one of her dogs, Lexi.

The virus is spread from husky dogs at the vet. The owner also worked with Janet. It turns out that he has lost seven huskies to the virus and they have all been hospitalized. Before their deaths, the vet refused to let the owners go for free.

“This doctor was holding these dogs hostage for a ransom of $1,600 in cash for services that weren’t even provided,” Janet said.

So far, there has been no comment from that vet. He will appear in court for the first time on May 17, and for now, his clinic remains open to the public.