A Flint councilman from the meeting was escorted handcuffed 2022-04-26 21:14:01


FLINT, Michigan (WNEM) – Eric Mays, the former Flint City Council Chairman, was picked up from a Monday night meeting in handcuffs.

“The only way I’m ever going to get out of this seat is to handcuff me and arrest me. And that’s exactly what happened. My hand was handcuffed and arrested,” Mays said.

Mays spent some time in police custody on Monday night. Request to be excused from the committee meeting. He was excused. After a short time, Mays returned.

His fellow council members thought the night was over. Mays did not. So the board voted to exclude him from the meeting, saying that members can’t go to and from meetings as they like. In the end, Mays was picked up, handcuffed.

I strongly believe, that it was politically motivated. “I think you’ll see a bunch of these hoaxes going between now and August,” Mays said.

Mays is running for mayor, but council members scoffed at the idea that his candidacy for mayor had anything to do with his firing.

“I don’t even care that you’re running. But what you’re doing is getting on our nerves on the ground,” said one councilor.

Another councilman said, “If you approve of his behavior, and if you agree to that, you are not involved in moving the city forward.”

“I wouldn’t necessarily call it an arrest if someone asked a police officer to put handcuffs on them,” said City Council Deputy Mayor Ali Herkenroeder.

Herkenroeder said Mays was impeding the council’s ability to do its job for the benefit of the people of Flint.

“I think it just tells us who’s there to do people’s work and who’s there to do the work for themselves. And I think the rest of our city and our community will see that,” Herkenroeder said.

After Mays’ departure, she said, the board held a productive meeting that addressed issues such as preventing crime and violence with firearms, and a cancer cluster study.

“We were able to have all that conversation because we were able to treat each other with respect and dignity even though we all didn’t agree,” Herkenroeder said.

For his part, Mays intends to return to the next meeting.

The board and the police department will be embarrassed by the decisions they made last night. Mays said.

Mays is vying against former Flint Mayor Karen Weaver and current Mayor Shelden Neely for mayor. The two highest-ranked voters in the August 2 primaries will advance to the November 8 general election.