A federal wild horse facility in Colorado is under quarantine as 67 horses have died of an ‘unknown and highly contagious’ disease 2022-04-27 14:51:59


The Canyon facility, located 115 miles south of Denver, is under voluntary quarantine due to the outbreak, the Bureau of Land Management said. new version. The facility is home to 2,550 wild horses collected from pastures.

The outbreak began on April 23, and the agency is working with local, state and federal officials to determine the exact cause of the deaths, according to the statement. The BLM said horses collected from the West Douglas area last fall were the hardest hit by the disease.

An independent veterinarian and a federal vet are on site to help diagnose and treat the animals, according to the BLM, and animals showing symptoms are isolated from the rest of the population.

“It’s upsetting for BLM and employees,” BLM spokesperson Stephen Holl told CNN. zucchini. “It’s taking a heavy toll on them. This is not where anyone would want to be in terms of managing wild horses.”

The Cañon City facility is one of four BLM Colorado wild horse management areas across nearly 400,000 acres of land.

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Since 1971, the BLM has removed “nearly 4,400 animals from public pastures in Colorado” as part of efforts to preserve both healthy residents and public lands, according to it. website. The collected animals are put up for adoption, and those not adopted are “cared for on open pastures for the rest of their lives,” the site says.
The agency’s reports have been criticized by animal advocacy groups, who said the horses are being removed from their natural habitats and kept in pens with poor living conditions. on Tuesday, and American Wild Horse CampaignCanyon’s CEO Susan Roy said Canyon’s deaths were “the direct result of the inhumane mass arrests of the BLM.”