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Green Bay Packers

Packers need legitimate players out of the draft. Not necessarily beginners, but players who can take turns and make an impact. The team is so close to the salary cap that it’s unlikely they’ll be able to make a big deal or sign an average season when injury inevitably hits. It’s well known that the Packers’ third-round pick is damned (their top pick in that round for the past 10 years has been Josiah DeGuara), and the team has fourth-round picks this season. according to Trade Value Scheme Project From the Over the Cap, if the team packs its pick from the third round and one of the picks from the fourth, it may get another pick near the top of the second round. So, who can packets trade with?

Travis Jones

It’s certainly possible that Jones will be taken at first, but since he’s got his nose picking from a small school, it’s also very likely that he might fall in the second where he can pounce GB. Jones is a fixed object in the middle of the line. He’ll be able to take on double teams and let Kenny Clarke do it 3-tech . play. Taking it would go all the way towards overhauling the team’s defense.

Drake Jackson

Jackson is a guy with a young edge who showed in his professional day that he can Can hold 270 lbs on his body and remain bent. It’s very likely that Jackson will rank high on the Packers board, and if they don’t end up with a third advantage in the first round, they can try to climb higher early in the second round. Jackson would have the team one step closer to making the four-man rotation on the edge the coaches wanted.

Abraham Lucas

We know the coaching staff wants competition in the right tackle spot and Lucas has had over 2,000 shots playing at the elite level there in college. Lucas passes too Gutkunst thresholds For the position he visited the team in the preliminary draft process. May be available for 53research and development Choose, but don’t be surprised if Gutekunst chooses to be aggressive and moves to take it.

Trillon pyrex

At the start of the trial season, the Burks were often ridiculed well before the Packers’ first-round picks. He has now pulled out of the first round due to a 40 and 3 cone operation and a bad interview. He obviously has the talent and ability to get banned to become the Packers’ #1 receiver at some point and Gutekunst might want to. pair it With a first receiver at a smaller speed.

Galen Peter

Pitre is the angle slot that I don’t really think it’s a needBut Gutekunst surprises us every season so I thought I should involve him. According to the PFF, he’s led all the defensive linebackers with pitfalls last year and has had an elite defensive grade. Peter will release the coaching staff to move the defensive back. I’d like to see a base cent with Rasul Douglas and Darnell Savage as the high-flyers, Jaire and Stokes on the border, Pitre as a slot corner and Amos next to Campbell as linebacker. Throw in the improved front four and you can stop running and passing with this combination.

Mike Price is a lifelong fan of the Packers who currently lives in Utah. You can follow him on Twitter at Tweet embed