3 people accused of kidnapping a baby while grandmother unloads groceries from the car outside 2022-04-27 13:34:00


San Jose police said Wednesday that they have Three people accused The kidnapping of a three-month-old baby was carried from an apartment on Monday afternoon while his grandmother was unloading groceries from a car outside. The child was found alive and unharmed on Tuesday.

San Jose police said Wednesday that Jose Roman Portillo, Yesenia Guadalupe Ramirez and Baldomeo Sandoval have been arrested and charged with kidnapping, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, child abduction and home invasion. San Jose Police Department spokesman, Sgt. Christian Camarillo, said those charges may change as the department learns more about what happened.

Police said the infant, Brandon Alexis Cuellar, was taken to hospital “as a precaution” on Tuesday after a search that lasted more than 20 hours.

Cuellar was found just a day after he was reported missing. San Jose police said, Monday, that his grandmother was watching him while his mother was at work, CBS San Francisco Report. Grandma took the baby to the apartment when she came back from grocery shopping. She got back to her car to get more groceries but when she got back inside, Cuellar was gone.

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Portillo, Ramirez, and Sandoval are shown in photos from the San Jose Police Department.

San Jose Police Department

San Jose police posted on Twitter photos and videos of a suspected man who was seen entering the house and leaving with the child in what appeared to be a blanketed aircraft carrier. Camarillo said earlier this week that the suspect, who has since been identified as Portillo, brought a baby carrier to the apartment, suggesting the kidnapping was planned.

Camarillo said Wednesday that Ramirez was a “family friend” of the grandmother and was with her at the time of the kidnapping. He said investigators believe she was in contact with Portillo when the kidnapping occurred. Her arrest came after Camarillo said on Tuesday that “inconsistencies” in what she told police had raised “great suspicion”.

Camarillo said Sandoval played “some role” in the kidnapping, but did not elaborate. The motive for the kidnapping is still under investigation.

Early Monday evening, the neighborhood where the kidnapping occurred was packed with San Jose police units. On Monday, police said his mother was at their headquarters to provide them with information on the case. The child’s father is currently imprisoned.

“Right now, we have all the resources available not only in the field, but here in the police department working on this case,” Camarillo said.

Authorities were asking anyone living in the area to check their security cameras for video from around 1pm that may have arrested the suspect.

Police also noted that no Amber alert was issued in the case because authorities did not have a description of the vehicle or a license plate number to include with the alert.