3 Florida corrections officers charged with murder of an alleged inmate 2022-04-29 11:44:59


Ronald Connor, 24, Christopher Rollon, 29, and Kirk Walton, 34, were arrested Thursday by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the agency said. They are booked on Second-degree murder, conspiracy, aggravated abuse and other charges, online records from Miami-Dade County’s repairs and rehabilitation emerge.

Records show that all of them were denied bail for murder. It is not clear if they have lawyers. The state law enforcement agency said in a press release that a fourth correctional officer is still at large.

Miami-Dade Attorney General Catherine Fernandez-Randell, whose office will be handling the case, is expected to reveal more information on Friday afternoon.

Officers Ronald Connor, Christopher Rollon and Kirk Walton were arrested Thursday.

The incident that led to Thursday’s arrests occurred on the morning of February 14, when the inmate was due to be transferred from Dade Correctional Facility to another facility, the agency said. He is reported to have urinated on an officer before he was removed from his cell in the mental health unit.

The agency said that corrections officers then handcuffed him and took him from his cell. Then, “even though he was handcuffed and in compliance with the officers’ orders, the agents say the officers started beating him,” she said.

“The inmate was so badly beaten that he was taken to the transport truck,” the agency said, adding that he was placed in a secure cabin alone.

On its way to the other facility, the truck stopped in Ocala, Florida, and the prisoner was found dead, lying on a seat inside the truck, the agency, which did not reveal the inmate’s name, said.

The agency said that the cause of his death was a hole in the lung that led to internal bleeding, adding that the man had injuries to his face and torso consistent with being beaten.

“There is no place for employee misconduct, abuse or criminal behavior in the Florida Correctional System,” Fernandez Randle said in a statement. “Individuals who have been sentenced to prison by our criminal courts have lost their liberty but not their basic rights. Inmates should not be subject to forms of ‘background’ justice that are considered to be in violation of Florida law.”

Florida Secretary of Corrections Ricky Dixon said in a statement that the staff involved in the case failed “and as an agency we will not defend it.”

Dixon said his administration is “committed to providing a safe and professional environment for prisoners and offenders.” “All inmates, regardless of their crimes, have the right to spend their time free from harm and abuse.”