2022 NFL Trade Tracker: Saints Trade in Ohio State Draft WR Chris Olaf 2022-04-28 20:30:00


We track every trading round made in the first round to date 2022 NFL Draft, from deals that happened nearly two years ago to those that will happen on the first night of the draft. They each play an integral role in telling the full story of the NFL Draft.

Here are the latest draft pick deals for first day picks dating back to August 2020, when it’s Seattle Seahawks Trade picks from the first round to New York Jets For the safety of the Pro Bowl Jamal Adams. The second of those picks is the 10th overall pick of the year, giving the Jets two picks in the top 10.

their followers in Gotham, and New York Giantsyou also have two top 10 picks due in part to the trade they made on the first day of the draft last year with Chicago Bearsallowing the Bears to choose their midfielder Justin Fields. Fields isn’t the only player that influenced this year’s legitimate order via trade, such as deals involving signal callers Russell WilsonAnd Deshaun WatsonAnd Tree LanceAnd Carson Wentz And the last Super Bowl champion Matthew Stafford The opening round affected.

As far as the 2022 draft is concerned, follow the first round to see the fallout from the previous trades and track more moves up and down the draft board.

Also check file Complete project orderfollow all 262 selections and follow The best prospects.

Today’s Deal Draft

These are the trades made on Thursday, starting with the most recent:

Date: April 28, 2022

The Detroit Lions He made an aggressive move up the board, trading their second-round pick (#32), second-round pick (#34) and third-round pick (#66) to Minnesota Vikings To choose No. 12 and a second round (No. 46). Lions chose a wide receiver in Alabama Jameson Williams With pick number 12. The Lions originally had pick number 32 from Los Angeles rams In the Matthew Stafford trade last year.

Date: April 28, 2022

The Washington leaders They traded their selection in the first round (No. 11) to New Orleans Saints To pick saints in the first (No. 16), third (No. 98) and fourth (No. 120) rounds. The Saints originally obtained the 16th pick in trade with Philadelphia Eagleswho got this selection from Indianapolis Colts Last year in the middle of the middle trade Carson Wentz. The Saints chose an Ohio-wide receiver Chris Olaf With pick number 11.

Deals before today

These are the deals that led to the NFL Draft, starting with the most recent:

Date: April 4, 2022

The New Orleans Saints He made a bold trade for an additional first-round pick in this year’s draft, trading the first (No. 18), third (No. 101) and seventh (No. 237) round in 2022, along with his first-round 2023 pick and 2024 in the second round, to Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for two first-round picks in 2022 (#16 and 19) and a sixth-round pick (#194). The Eagles originally got the 16th pick from Indianapolis Colts Last year’s quarterback versus Carson Wentz was sent to the Leaders to pick No. 11 on Thursday.

Date: March 23, 2022

The Miami Dolphin Take another big step for the playmaker, as five draft picks have been traded to Kansas City Chiefs For big game receiver Trek Hill. The dolphins were sent to the leaders of the first (No. 29), second (No. 50) and fourth (No. 121) group this year and selected in the fourth and sixth round in 2023. The first round selection was originally dolphin trading from San Francisco 49ers last year as part of the Trey Lance trade.

Date: March 18, 2022

The Cleveland Browns I paid dearly for a star midfielder, trading first-round picks in 2022, 2023 and 2024, along with third-round picks in 2023 and fourth-round picks in 2024, to Houston Texas Against quarterback Deshaun Watson and a fifth-round pick in 2024. This year’s first-round pick is number 13 overall.

Date: March 17, 2022

The Las Vegas Raiders Taking a big swing for the playmaker, trading their first picks (No. 22) and second round (No. 53) in this year’s draft to Green Bay Packers Versus All-Pro . Receiver Davant Adams. The trade awards the Packers two first-round picks (#22 and 28).

Date: March 8, 2022

The Denver Broncos Take a big leap to solve their dilemma in the middle, trading with a tight end Noah you arequarterback Drew Lockdefensive line Shelby Harrisfirst round in 2022 (No. 9) and 2023 and a fifth round (No. 145) in 2022 to the Seahawks in exchange for quarterback Russell Wilson and a fourth round (No. 116) in 2022. The Seahawks used the No. 9 pick in the Mississippi State tackle Charles Cross.

Date: April 29, 2021

The Bears traded from 20th to 11th in 2021, giving the Giants 20th and fifth in 2021 (No. 164) along with their first (No. 7) and fourth (No. 112) this year. Chicago used their 11th pick in 2021 to pick quarterback Justin Fields. Giants chose the recipient Kadarius Tony With pick number 20 last year. The Giants chose Alabama’s offensive tackle Evan Neal With pick number 7.

Date: March 26, 2021

The Dolphins, having traded 12th in 2021 in a deal with the 49ers, sent this No. 12 pick, 123rd pick last year, and their 2022 first-round pick (No. 15) to the Eagles in a No. 6 swap and No. 156 in the 2021 draft Dolphins receiver is selected Jaylen Waddell With pick number 6 last year.

Date: March 26, 2021

The Dolphins sent shock waves through the NFL by trading the No. 3 pick in the 2021 draft to the 49ers in exchange for the No. 12 pick in 2021, the first (No. 29) and third round (No. 102) in 2022 and the first round pick in 2023. The Dolphins traded a pick First round of the year to The Chiefs for receiver Tyreek Hill. The 49ers used the 2021 pick they received in the trade to draft quarterback Trey Lance.

Date: February 18, 2021

The Colts were traded in the third round in 2021 and a conditional selection for the second round in 2022 to the Eagles versus quarterback Carson Wentz. The conditional second-round pick was upgraded to a first player after Wentz played 75% of the Colts’ shots in 2021. The first-round pick (#16) was traded to Saints as part of a multiple deal that includes eight picks in the 2022 and 2023 drafts. The pick was traded from Saints to leaders on Thursday.

Date: January 30 2021

The Los Angeles rams Pave the way for Super Bowl LVI by trading quarterback Jared Goffa third round in 2021 and a first round in 2022 (#32) and 2023 to Detroit Lions For quarterback Matthew Stafford, who led the Rams to the title last season. The Lions exchanged the 32nd pick with the Vikings, then drafted Alabama receiver Jameson Williams.

Date: 25 July 2020

The Jets agreed to trade All-Pro Safety Jamal Adams with the Seahawks for a package that included a first-round draft pick in 2021 and 2022 (#10) and a third-round pick in 2021 to New York for Adams and The Jets’ fourth-round pick (#109) in 2022 The first manager ended up being the 23rd choice in 2021. Aircraft were traded in this selection Minnesota Vikingswho chose the offensive intervention Christian Dresseau. The No. 10 jets were used in the Ohio wide receiver Garrett Wilson.