2022 NFL Draft Scores, Tracker: An analysis of every second-round pick from Logan Hall to Nik Bonitto 2022-04-30 10:05:00


There are always a lot of good prospects available on Day Two of the NFL Draft and this year has been no different. Want to know what you thought of every pick made in the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft? You can read below as I ranked all the picks for Friday night’s second round. Be sure to update this page throughout the day for the latest scores from Day 3. You can also keep track of all the choices for the entire draft and my scores in project tracker.

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33. Pirates: Logan Hall, DL, Houston

Grade: A-

Tampa Bay is older in the lead on its defensive line, and this fills a key need with a versatile and uniquely shaped passing tool. Hall can win fast passing moves and/or strength at multiple points in the lead.

34. Packers: Christian Watson, WR, North Dakota Street.

Grade: C +

The initial draft process has been accepted. Long, fast, curved. Rough roads, not a major threat to YAC. He would need to use it properly outside the gate to bring out his talents. Super speed and explosion. Very useful in jet scan/end game. Big time to the upside. An expensive trade but finally a Green Bay receiver.

35. Giants: Roger McCreary, CB, Auburn

Grade: A

Talent from the first round only lasted into the second round due to the Weapons Palace. Three years of stellar film SEC. An explosion, a sudden change in directional ability. Recovery speed is there. Bitchy on the line. Damn good football player. Fits Tennessee men’s coverage chart.

36. Aircraft: Breece Hall, RB, Iowa St.

B degree

Minimal movement for a full back and triple down. Hall doesn’t play with his built in workout but checks all of the runner’s boxes. Great ball skills/receiving ability too. Perhaps an early sign for RB? Hall and Michael Carter are now a fun, perfect duo.

37. Texas: Galen Peter, S, Baylor

Grade: A

He was given the freedom to drive in college and was the top playmaker. Incredibly surprising. Great Blitzer. Mark the smaller size. CB slot is more than pure safety. Not incredibly fast. If he is given independent authority, he can be a star.

38. Hawks: Arnold Ebiketie, EDGE, Penn State

Grade: A

Movie first round and features. The only reason it’s available is because it’s not massive. Plans to lunge, bend, swipe and convert speed into energy. Very consistent. The Hawks desperately need stars in the top seven in defense behind Grady Jarrett. Not significantly expensive to trade.

39. Bears: Kyler Gordon, CB, Washington

Grade: B +

It feels right to him. Bendy, a unique athlete with explosive flashes. Not crazy speed or ball skills. Brilliant, tough, daring defender. Chicago simply needs to add talent throughout its roster. They got that in a stellar position with Gordon.

40. Seahawks: Boye Mafe, EDGE, Minnesota

Grade: A-

An older but hasty ascending possibility. It got better every season in Minnesota. Super explosive. Quality of manual work. Bend there too. It fills a great need too. Seattle had to get more juice from the outside.

41. Seahawks: Kenneth Walker III, RB, Michigan St.

Grade: C +

Complete RB. It made you miss a skill. The thick bottom half lends itself to great contact balance. Not playing for his time 40. Not a HR hitter. Was this an urgent need? Seattle loves to run the ball though. No QB?

42. Vikings: Andrew Booth, CB, Clemson

Grade: A-

A talent of first-round caliber who fell due to an injury during the pre-draft process. Quick lightning in feet, mixed hips. Flashes of unreal ball skills. Interference is hit or miss. The ingenuity of the man/zone. It can thrive on learning stars from Patrick Peterson for one season.

43. Giants: Wan’Dale Robinson, WR, Kentucky


Scroll down, pick a super slippery specialist and change direction in WR. Small with great speed. Small hunting radius, not a beast to balance contact. You will jock defenders at the next level. Not as big in YAC as the size indicates. Fun choice for giants. But an early touch.

44. Texas: John Mitchell III, WR, Alabama

Grade: C-

Vertical specialist. Ran a variety of complex roads in Alabama. He traces it over his shoulder in astonishment. Not overly fast in depth. Minimum YAC. smaller frame. Trading with a specialist is a bit strange.

45. Ravens: David Ogabo, EDGE, Michigan

Grade: B +

Incredibly high rise due to the lunge/bending motion flashes and the pass-through lunge. He suffered an Achilles tendon rupture on his pro day, so his rookie season is questionable. What a shrewd choice of crows. With more power – that he needs – the Ojabo could be a perpetual Pro Bowl pusher.

46. ​​Lions: Josh Paschal, Edge, Kentucky

B degree

Hair acceleration machine on fire with a low center of gravity force. Decent manual work. Down to earth a little more than you want. Reasonable curve but not a specialty. Triple gear, meet a need in Detroit. Even to double in position.

47. Leaders: Vidarian Mathis, DT, Alabama

B degree

More trench players from Crimson Tide for Washington. Matisse is a full DT. Burst, dual ability, field lunge skill. handwork. Only ding is that he’s probably older. It will recreate OL and pay pocket. Were there no greater needs though?

48. Bears: Jaquan Brisker, S, Penn St.

Grade: A-

A long, explosive, hard-hitting safety flashes in the cover as a thief. Not a slot lock type. Smart player, no sense. sample size and speed. More minor reinforcements in Chicago.

49. Saints: Alontay Taylor, CB, Tennessee

Grade: C +

An older possibility is the explosive engine in the field. Best in the area when he can watch QB and jump. He will deliver contrasting blows. great speed. The ability to change direction is medium relative to the center, which limits the upside of man-to-man coverage. long arms. Missed the pop address in the movie.

50. Patriots: Tyquan Thornton, WR, Baylor

Grade: A-

Head sleeper in WR. Not only is 4.28 fast. It runs clear and well-sold avenues. Hand catcher is very natural. Effortlessly snatches the ball off his frame. This is exactly what the Patriots needed offensively. slight though. Not expensive to move.

51. Eagles: Cam Jurgens, C, Nebraska

Grade: A-

A formidable choice, even if he will be Jason Kelce’s reserve in 2022. Jurgens is an explosive, balanced hitter on the inside. Checks the square of the length. With more power, it could be Philadelphia’s All-Pro.

52. Steelers: George Pickens, WR, Georgia

Grade: A

There is a Pittsburgh 2 WR tour. Pickens has first-round talent and first-round film. Long, long, sudden, massive fishing radius. Bad behavior on the field. An ACL tear and possibly some maturation issues caused him to fall into the plate. Real WR1 capabilities.

53. Ponies: Alec Pierce, WR, Cincinnati

Grade: C +

Choose the typical ponies. They love the volume/sports samples, and Pierce rocked his joint workout. Big, long and explosive. slightly rounded ways. The change of direction is a bit harsh. He plays a decent big downfield. Minimum capabilities of YAC.

54. Chairs: Skyy Moore, WR, Western Michigan

Grade: A +

Absolute stud. He does everything well. Only his knock is a touch under 5-10. destroys press coverage. Lightning fast methods. Bouncing off attackers after hunting. Huge fishing radius. He’d be an instant star with Patrick Mahomes.

55. Cardinals: Trey McBride, TE, Colorado State

Grade: B +

It was the focal point of his crime in college. A very precise and meticulous player who will break below the average level. He does everything well. Not a real trump though and only average as a blocking factor. More weapons for Kyler = a good thing.

56. Cowboys: Sam Williams, EDGE, Mississippi

Grade: A-

The heaviest hand in the draft is in the EDGE. Serious bull rush too. Needs to use hands a little more frequently. thick. Burst is good but he doesn’t play as long as he showed in the combine. Some concerns outside the field. fills a need.

57. Pirates: Luke Goedeke, OG, Central Michigan

Grade: C +

The short region velocity pops up in the movie. This is how his hand works. A lot of times he allows to lunge in his frame and sometimes stops moving his feet in a professional pass. Smart decision to maintain OL stock. He needs to get stronger. Lots of ugly victories in the movie.

58. Hawks: Troy Anderson, LB, Montana

B degree

Wonderful prospects. Previous QB. Moved to LB and was very productive on the FCS level. Very big and sporty. Fly to football. Large radius to tackle. He will take some time to acclimatize himself as a cover player. Although filling a great need.

59. Vikings: Ed Ingram, G, LSU

Grade: C-

Mash type from the inside. Moments of punishing force. The balance is not good. The ability to recover is significantly unavailable. It also works by hand. Not exactly a proper exclusion zone scheme. Odd choice despite the need to address the internal OL.

60. Bengals: Cam Taylor Brett, CB, Nebraska

Grade: B +

The sleeper in the CB spot. Bouncy, explosive, fast. The recovery skill is great. It seems he always finds football. From time to time he struggled to get out of his back. The Bengals don’t have many needs, and you probably didn’t need to double up in high school, but Taylor-Britt is a very good player.

61. 49ers: Drake Jackson, EDGE, USC

Grade: B +

The black horse to be an edge stud on the road. Great recruit. The weight was up and down in college. Massive combination of lunge/bending around a corner. There isn’t much in his game yet, and now he can learn transient lunge moves from Nick Bosa. You must also become stronger. Quality pick to unlock San Fran Draft.

62. Presidents: Brian Cook, C, Cincinnati


General field type in the field of safety in the defense of quality in the college. Not a super sportsman by any stretch of the imagination but he can flip over planes in short bursts. Heady, mission sound. He can wear a lot of hats but he doesn’t excel in any area. Early sign but fills a need.

63. Bills: James Cook, RB, Georgia

Grade: B +

Multidimensional explosive weapon in RB. Not quite his brother in terms of blasting, but it’s close. Smooth movements on the field. Effortless athlete. No crazy dribbling or contact balance. Like the value of RB in RD2 much more after two trades appeared.

64. Broncos: Nick Bonito, EDGE, Oklahoma

Grade: A-

Smaller, curvy, master plan pass the dash. The explosion is impressive, too. Minimum length and hardly any strength. An out-of-speed specialist in the rush. A fun addition to this defense.

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