2022 NFL Draft Scores, Tracker: An analysis of each first-round pick 2022-04-28 20:30:00


Want to know what I think of every pick made Thursday in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft? You can find them all below. You can also continue throughout the rest of the draft on Days Two and Three for more estimates and further analysis. Be sure to update this page throughout the weekend for the latest scores.

If you want to do all of that as well as keep track of the best odds available and get to every draft pick on a single page, you can at our project tracker.

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1. Jaguar: Travon Walker, Edge, Georgia


This is just a drop. They need edge help, but it plays like 5-down style. He’s a good player, a strong player, a physical player, but he’s not explosive. They could pair it up with Josh Allen, but I was going to attack here.

2. Lions: Aidan Hutchinson, Edge, Michigan

Grade: B +

They need a fast lane in the worst way, and they should be glad Hutchinson fell for them here. He’s a polished edge rider and will be an instant hit player. The Lions should be able to influence the midfielder better than they did last year. Hutchinson will. But he might be a 12-bag guy most of his career, instead of a 16-bag. But that’s fine.

3. Texas: Derek Stingley, Jr., CB, LSU

B degree

This doesn’t make much sense to me. They play a defense that doesn’t put a premium on the cornerback, but they chose one above the passes. The Stingley is a great coverage angle, but that’s a little weird. Swiping or stepping in was a better option.

4. Jets: Ahmed “Sauce” Gardner, CB, Cincinnati

Grade: B +

If you’re going to win the AFC East title, stop the Bills and Josh Allen. This means that the corners of the cap are more than priced. Gardner is the best draft cover player. This should mean more men for Robert Saleh and his crew. Good Choice.

5. Giants: Kayvon Thibodeaux, EDGE, Oregon

Grade: A

It’s the best pure passage in this draft. He has the explosive power that giants desperately need. The question with him now is his character. Does he like the game? But I think he will skip any of that talk and become a dominant player. I love this choice.

6. Panthers: Ikem Ekwonu, OT, NC State

Grade: B +

The Panthers played rotating tops in the left-handed tackle last year, so getting an interference was a no-brainer in this draft. I liked Evan Neal more, but I got that choice. Ekwonu needs to work on his pass protection for some, but it’s fixable.

7. Giants: Evan Neal, OT, Alabama

Grade: A

Giants land best tackle in the draft. He’ll step in with the right tackle and give them a nice pair of bolsters with Andrew Thomas. They have to protect the midfielder better, and they will do that. He will be a longtime novice player who goes to a lot of Pro Bowls.

8. Hawks: Drake London, WR, USC


London is a great receiver, but it doesn’t work very well. This is a team that needs to add more speed. I was to take Garrett Wilson here. It would have given them a more immediate effect. London is good. But there were better options.

9. Seahawks: Charles Cross, OT, Mississippi St.

B degree

They had a glaring hole in the left interference, so they had to get a left interference. With the running on them, they end up with a player who is good at pass protection but needs to work on the running game. If Seattle wanted to run it better, they chose the wrong handling. But he is good at protecting the middle.

10. Aircraft: Garrett Wilson, WR, Ohio St.

Grade: A

I love this choice. I know there’s been talk of trading this pick to get Deebo Samuel, but I’d love to stay put and take Wilson. He is a fast player who will help Zach Wilson tremendously. It’s fast and will be much cheaper than Samuel’s.

11. Saints (of leaders): Chris Olaf, WR, Ohio St.

Grade: C +

Giving up all that arsenal to get Olaf is too risky if you ask me. Olaf is the speed receiver that will complement Michael Thomas, but that’s a lot to give up to get. James Winston would be happy, but I don’t like this. Saints must.

12. Black (from the Vikings): Jameson Williams, WR, Alabama

B degree

This is the best receiver in the draft. Lions can wait to get him healthy. When he is healthy, he will be a dynamic playmaker. They made a bold move to go get it, but gave up a handful to get it. They better hope he is what they think he can become. I think he is a star.

13. Eagles (from Texas)

14. Crows

15. Texas (from Eagles)

16. Leaders (of saints)

17. Chargers

18. Eagles

19. Saints

20. Steelers

21. Patriots

22. The beams

23. Cardinals

24. Cowboy

25. Bills

26. Titans

27. Pirates

28. The Beams

29- The Chiefs

30- Presidents

31. Bengals

32 – Vikings (of the lions).