2022 NFL Draft: Five bold first-round predictions, from the Steelers’ new QB to wide receiver scoring 2022-04-28 10:42:00


The 2022 NFL season was a whirlwind of the big name movement, and several titles popped up all of a sudden: Russell Wilson to me BroncoAnd Deshaun Watson to me BrownAnd Davant Adams to me RaidersAnd Trek Hill to me dolphins. right Now , project On us, more drama on tap.

No one knows exactly how the first round (8 p.m. Thursday) will turn out, especially with such a disparity of opinions on top expectations, but here are five bold predictions for the first day of the event:

The Jaguar Take extra time at #1

For weeks — no, months — the talk has focused on Michigan’s Aidan Hutchinson and, most recently, Georgia’s Travon Walker as the leading candidates for the No. 1 overall. The logic goes that both passers-by would instantly fill one of the highest remaining needs for Jaguar, which has invested in almost every other position this season. And we don’t doubt that Hutchinson and Walker were – or were – in the conversation first.

But everyone in this building knows that the clearest way out of dysfunction is the proper development of a quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Otherwise why would they have hired Doug Pederson, the well-known culture builder and QB mentor? Or overpaid dramatically for wide receivers like Christian Kirk And Zee Jones? Or fell nearly 50 million to Brandon Sheriff sincere? Or stick (more) to franchise money to tackle left Cam Robinson?

Everyone understandably assumes that General Manager Trent Balkey is running the show, but let’s not forget that Pederson voted. He wants his QB upright. Even with Robinson back, at least for 2022, another premium investment up front — likely in the form of Alabama’s Evan Neal or NC State’s Ekim Ikuno — should cement the streak in the short and long term.

Kayvon Thibodeux never makes it out of the top three

Who decided that this guy wouldn’t be a legitimate candidate to take first place? He’s got the physical side of someone like Walker and the swipe-proven biography of someone like Hutchinson. His abundant confidence is clearly a turn off for some, but how many teams would you like right now, not ramstraded for Galen Ramsey And his unbreakable vanity? Unless he’s really bombing behind closed doors interviews, he feels ready to go sooner than expected. This is an amazing talent in a very important position. Detroit (#2) and Houston (#3) may wipe it out before Planes (No. 4) Get a chance.

Kenny Beckett lives in Pittsburgh

That’s right, hometown connection! Willis’ owner might be an apple Steelers“The eye is in QB, but you can probably say the same for every team that needs QB, because Liberty is the only real bet connected to the octane signal of this class. Odds are, weak class or not, Willis will be off the board before the 20th Steelers pick, and we’re not Pretty sure Pittsburgh would be willing to pay a premium to move up, knowing Mitchell Trubesky and/or the addition of a second day could compete to hold the castle until 2023. On the other hand, Beckett could be in a big bracket if he overtakes leopards Sixth, and far from the City of Steel ties, he has the consistent accuracy and athletic performance that coordinator Matt Canada seeks.

Seven standard WRs set

Seven is the most receivers ever drafted in the first round, but it could easily be matched on a Thursday. Garrett Wilson (Ohio State), Drake London (University of Southern California) and Jameson Williams (Alabama) are all but locks to go in the top 15, while Chris Olaf (Ohio State) and Trillon Burkes (Arkansas) feel like safe bets. Top 25. That’s five already. Then you have Jahan Dotson (Penn State), George Pickens (Georgia) and Skyy Moore (Western Michigan) who can easily attract teams that are hungry for receiver (eg. headsAnd PackersAnd titans) Choose the back end.

By the end of Thursday night, most teams still looking for QB help for 2022 will have found their answer or decided, at most, to take the day two handout in competition. That should quickly end the limited market for the disaffected Browns QB, with Cleveland then able to swap Day Two or Day Three picks — or perhaps a conditional net pick 2023 — and assert Watson’s polarizing ownership of the recast QB Chamber. Regarding potential landing places for Baker, our list remains the same: Panthers and Seahawks be more logical, but black And Texas It can’t be completely ruled out either.