2022 NFL Draft: Fast second-day scores for all 32 . teams 2022-04-30 01:48:00


Day Two Draft

First day: a

Analytics: Vikings made a Big Deal With Detroit Competition In the first round, trade off before choosing a versatile sport defensive back Louis Cinema. On Friday, they took two second-round mid-picks from rival Packers in a low deal and then came back in a deal with the Colts to take over Booth. It is possible that the former Clemson CB would have been selected earlier if the injury had not prevented him from participating in the collection and his professional day. A strong sporting corner is still very valuable. Ingram stops the ball, something the Vikings needed, although the selection came at least one round earlier than I would have expected due to the run on their inner attacking men. Asamoah is not great but he gets the ball and brings it in as a defender, fulfilling the need.