2022 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills Uncoated Free Agent Tracker 2022-05-01 05:54:27


The 2022 NFL Draft Found in books, with buffalo bills Choose eight players.

Here is a summary of the eight recruits:

  • CB Care Elam, Florida
  • RB James Cook, Florida
  • LB Terrell Bernard, Baylor
  • Khalil Shaker, Boise State
  • B Matt Ariza, San Diego State
  • CB Christian Benford, Villanova
  • OL Luke Tenuta, Virginia Tech
  • LB Bailon Spector, Clemson

But this weekend’s draft isn’t over yet, as we have insufficient free agency, the Bills will be looking to add some players to boost their depth heading into training camp and beyond. Talented players, for whatever reason, will get out of the draft altogether, at which point the phone lines flood and the agents start making juggling calls in an effort to find the best home for the players.

Buffalo had several free agents not included in their 2021 coaching squad and prior to that, the UDFAs frequently made their roster.

Sometimes these guys are signed and sometimes they’re offered a try at the junior junior camp, so none of this is official until it’s announced by the team. Here’s what we know so far:

Syracuse Del Kingsley Jonathan

WR Owner Williams’ state app

BYU WR Neil Bow

University of California OL Alec Anderson

Ben DT Prince Emily

Virginia Tech RB Raheem Blackshear

Tulsa CP Travon Fuller

Per Aaron Wilson, Fuller received a signing bonus of $7,000

Texas A&M Galen Weidermere

Wydermyer comes to Buffalo for a Top 30 visit before the draft. Aaron Wilson confirmed the signing.